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Rank higher in Google with the new Prepr SEO Checker

Creating high ranking content in Google just got a lot easier with Prepr. The new build-in SEO Checker gives you instant feedback on how well your content is optimized for search engines. Just enter the keywords you are optimizing for, and Prepr will show you what you can do to improve your search engine rankings.

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Why you should consider an integrated content management platform instead of a traditional CMS

Digital teams know that delivering just the right content, to just the right person, on any device is crucial to running a successful business. But traditional content management systems can simply not meet the demands of modern consumers. They lack the features to deliver excellent, personalized experiences. And developing a custom content management solution that can do this well is complicated and expensive. Luckily, now there is a new breed of advanced content management platforms that make it easy and affordable to deliver great personalized user experiences for any company. Let's find out more.

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38 Content Personalization Examples Guaranteed to Increase Conversion Rates

With more and more businesses and services operating online, competition is hotting up when it comes to keeping your visitors engaged in your content. Whether you manage an online store, blog, or a movie streaming site, converting visitors to repeat customers is becoming increasingly difficult. Trying to appeal to the masses can often result in bland, unexciting content that is more likely to send your users to your competitors than keep them coming back for more.

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The Headless CMS of the future [Infographic]

Today's consumers expect an excellent digital experience across all their devices. Outdated systems and scattered data make it hard to develop these experiences. A smart headless CMS enables digital teams to create personalized experiences across multiple channels by unifying content and data. We've developed a simple infographic that explains what a headless CMS with personalization is and how it works.

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New: Role-based access control

The use of role-based access control (RBAC) to manage user permissions within an application is widely accepted as a best practice. The new access control in Prepr helps you manage user rights more efficiently.

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Serious about privacy & security

With privacy and security concerns on the rise, it's more important than ever to manage sensitive data securely at your radio station. Security is a crucial issue for Prepr as well. With encrypted communication, user permissions, expiring user accounts, two-factor authentication, and GDPR compliancy, Prepr makes sure all your data is protected carefully.

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