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Looking for a high-quality headless CMS that seamlessly integrates with your Nuxt.js components? Prepr's JavaScript-focused solution is designed to boost efficiency, save time and maximize flexibility on your Nuxt.js project. Discover how to improve your workflow and deliver exceptional results.



Building Dynamic User Interfaces with Nuxt.js and Prepr

If you're a Nuxt.js developer searching for a powerful headless CMS that seamlessly integrates with your Nuxt.js components, Prepr is the perfect choice. Combining Prepr with Nuxt.js enables you to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces that leverage Nuxt.js's powerful features like server-side rendering, automatic code splitting, and optimized performance. Start to streamline your development process and enhance your Nuxt.js project today.


Nuxt.js Integration

Prepr CMS is an API-first headless content management system that simplifies the process of integrating your Nuxt.js app or website. With our GraphQL/Read API, retrieving data has never been simpler, while our globally distributed CDN ensures rapid load times. Our built-in cache invalidation guarantees your content is always fresh and up-to-date. And with our easy-to-follow documentation, you can quickly get started with Nuxt.js and Prepr.


Join the Nuxt.js Community and Grow as a Developer

As you integrate your NuxtJS app or website with Prepr, you will gain access to our vibrant and supportive Slack community of fellow Nuxt.js developers. Here, we come together to share our knowledge, ask questions, and collaborate on exciting new projects. By joining this community, you will be able to learn from others, receive feedback on your work, and accelerate your growth as a Nuxt.js developer.


Complete your NuxtJS tech stack

Working with Prepr as your Nuxt.js CMS means you can leverage the most powerful and user-friendly API. Additionally, you can take advantage of valuable integrations like Algolia, Shopify, commerce layer, Commertools, Mux, and Typeform. Let's ensure your tech stack is comprehensive and prepared for deployment!

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