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The story behind Prepr CMS

Founded in 2016 as a user-friendly CMS for media organizations, we’ve matured into a smart solution trusted by content teams around the globe.

Where we started

When working in the field of journalism, web developer Tim Hanssen noticed that media organizations often struggle to publish media for multiple channels. Especially those that worked with several systems. Tim and three co-developers created a CMS designed for multichannel publishing, tailored to the needs of media brands and broadcasters. This CMS was the predecessor of what we now know as Prepr. Media organizations noticed that their issue of using too many and too complicated systems could be resolved by using our first multi-channel CMS.
As technology evolved, so did we. Tim decided to get experienced team members on board, including CEO Jouko Huismans. Together, they decided to implement cutting-edge technology into the core of our CMS and bring it to the next level. The implementation of Graph technology made it possible to support more content at once. This answered the needs for content-driven companies around the globe.

Where we stand

During the years, we learned the importance of data when it comes to content. To help our customers make an impact with their blogs, vlogs and stories, we added a Neo4j graph database to the core of our CMS. This allows companies to create highly personalized customer experiences, skyrocketing Prepr as the ideal CMS for content-driven companies. In a decade, we’ve matured from a one-man solution to a full-grown business with 30+ team members on board, working with leading companies from all over the world.
And while our product continues to evolve, there’s one thing that has never changed: our ambition. Since founding Prepr, we’ve already helped numerous businesses to improve customer relationships through exceptional content experiences. And there will only be more to come.
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Our mission & culture

Since day one, we’ve been inspired by maximizing the impact of published content. Because impact - or engagement, as we also like to call it - equals business value. The more engagement an audience has with published content, the more relevant and valuable your business is. That’s why it’s our mission to provide content teams with the best tools to improve engagement with their audiences. Our API-first headless CMS with its advanced personalization engine does exactly that.
We believe cutting-edge and future-proof technology is the key to helping companies create more impact with their content. Systems should be easy to use and implement. This straightforwardness is part of our DNA. We strive to create a workforce that is open, honest, socially responsible and creative. We are also committed to providing quick responses and clear answers. Not just to our customers, but also to each other.
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Our office

The Prepr office is located right in the heart of the Netherlands in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, but we work together digitally anywhere and everywhere.
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