Headless NextJS CMS

The #1 headless CMS for Next.js

Looking for the best headless CMS for your Next.js website? With its API-first, data-driven approach, Prepr CMS is the perfect addition to your tech stack. The combination of Nextjs and Prepr makes it easy to create unique customer experiences with our built-in personalization engine. Ready to take your Next.js website to the next level?

Headless NextJS CMS


What is Next.js?

Nextjs is a Javascript React framework that can be used to build web app with React. It makes it easier for developers to create apps that are pre-rendered, and it can do this in two ways: server-side rendering and static-site generation.

A headless CMS uses an API to separate the front-end from the back-end of your website, and makes content available on different websites, apps, and devices. This is a popular choice for developers working on server-rendered apps or websites. Adding Prepr to your NextJS framework will create a more efficient and user-friendly content platform, saving time and increasing flexibility.


Get started with the Next.js docs

If you’re new to GraphQL, using Next js is a good start. Prepr’s GraphQL/Read API allows you to retrieve the data you need with just one call, and we ensure fast load times by serving your content via a globally distributed CDN. In this guide, you’ll fastly learn how to create a Next app capable of fetching and using data from the Prepr CMS.


Join NextJS developers in the community

Prepr’s community includes hundreds of developers and builders sharing what they’re working on. When you start working with Prepr and connect your Next.js app you can join our Slack community and connect with fellow developers. We're all here to learn from each other and help each other grow.


Take your Nextjs app to the next level

Creating personalized web apps using Next.js was never easier. Prepr’s built-in personalization engine helps you personalize customer experiences for more engagement and conversions. With Lean Customer Profiles, Real-time Segments, and Content Targeting, you can show exactly the right content to each visitor - all the time.

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Check out our easy-to-follow documentation written by fellow developers.

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