Headless NextJS CMS

The #1 headless CMS for Next.js

Are you looking for a headless CMS to support your Jamstack app? Prepr is an API-first, data-driven, headless CMS. A revolutionary addition to your tech stack and especially valuable when working with NextJS.

Headless NextJS CMS


Next.js and headless CMS

A headless CMS disconnects the front-end of your website from your back-end. Through an API, you have the opportunity to deliver all kinds of content to all types of websites, apps, and devices. As a result, headless CMSs are popular amongst developers working on server-rendered apps or websites.

Adding a headless CMS to your NextJS-framework allows you to build a seamless content platform. It minimizes development and maximizes flexibility. Need we say more?


Selecting a headless CMS for NextJS

If you want to build a powerful website or applications, you need a headless CMS that supports NextJS. But how do you find a headless CMS that works for you and your framework? That’s easier said than done.

While there are countless headless CMSs available, complicated APIs, unclear documentation, and a lack of support, makes finding the right CMS quite a challenge. To make a sound decision, you need to first map the requirements of your headless CMS. What are the features that you need from this solution?


Essential features for a Next.js CMS

If you’d ask us, essential features and functionalities are at least:
  • A state-of-the-art content editing tool, including scheduling and preview solutions and versioning.
  • Global CDN to deliver your content at speed.
  • GraphQL API to quickly connect your frontend applications.
  • Webhooks & SDKs to trigger custom code
  • Query & mutation API to manage your environments programmatically and easily create new publications.

Headless CMS

Prepr: a data-driven headless CMS for NextJS

We are Prepr. A data-driven headless CMS, built with Javascript frameworks - and therefore, NextJS - in mind. Our solution offers all the features you need when selecting a headless CMS for Next.js.

A drag-and-drop content editor, versioning, multi-brand publishing: you name it. Our GraphQL/Read API helps you retrieve exactly the data you need with a single call and we serve your content via a globally distributed CDN to ensure quick load times. Our built-in cache invalidation ensures your content is always up-to-date.

And because we have clear documentation on all of this, we can promise you’ll be up and running quickly.


Create hyper-personalized customer experiences with the built-in personalization engine

Preprs built-in personalization engine helps you personalize customer experiences for more engagement and conversions. With Lean Customer Profiles, Real-time Segments, and Content Targeting, you can show exactly the right content to each visitor - all the time.

How to get started with Prepr

Are you ready to add Prepr to your Jamstack? Getting started is easy. Just follow three simple steps:

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