Headless React CMS

A headless CMS for ReactJS

Looking for a headless CMS that connects seamlessly with your own React components? Prepr is a Javascript-focused solution, especially valuable for React.js.

Headless React CMS


React.js and headless CMSs

Building an app or website with custom React components? Adding a headless CMS to your tech stack is a valuable solution. A headless CMS is a Content Management System that disconnects the front-end of your website from your back-end.

Separating content management functionalities gives you the opportunity to deliver all kinds of content to all types of websites, apps, and devices. This allows you to build a seamless content platform while minimizing development and maximizing flexibility.


Finding a headless CMS for React

But how do you select a headless CMS that connects with your JS-framework and component-based way of work? Here, it’s wise to select a headless CMSs that is built especially with React in mind.

However, there are countless headless CMSs available, and due to complicated APIs, unclear documentation, and a lack of support, finding the right CMS can be quite a hassle. 

To make a sound decision, you need to first map the requirements of your headless CMS. What are the features that you need from this solution?

Essential features for a React CMS

If you’d ask us, essential features and functionalities are at least:
  • A state-of-the-art content editing tool, including scheduling and preview solutions and versioning. 
  • Global CDN to deliver your content at speed.
  • GraphQL API to quickly connect your frontend applications. 
  •  Webhooks & SDKs to trigger custom code 
  • Query & mutation API to manage your environments programmatically and easily create new publications.

Headless CMS

Prepr: a data-driven headless CMS for Jamstack

Prepr, that’s us. We are a data-driven CMS - headless, obviously - and when building our solution, we’ve always had Jamstack in mind. We offer all the features you need when selecting a headless CMS. A drag-and-drop content editor, versioning, multi-brand publishing: you name it.

Our GraphQL/Read API helps you retrieve exactly the data you need with a single call and we serve your content via a globally distributed CDN to ensure quick load times. Our built-in cache invalidation ensures your content is always up-to-date.

On top of that, we have integrations with all major frontend javascript frameworks through dedicated SDKs for Nuxt.js, Next, Vue, Laravel, Gatsby, React, and Angular.

And because we have clear documentation on all of this, we can promise you’ll be up and running quickly.

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