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Build your next website effortlessly with PHP and Prepr

Experience a powerful and streamlined website development process by leveraging PHP and Prepr. Benefit from unmatched speed, adaptability, and security. Plus, the user-friendly personalization engine ensures that you can unleash your creativity effortlessly.

These successful companies chose React and Prepr

Golden combination

Why choose Prepr with PHP?

Take advantage of Prepr's comprehensive guides for seamless integration with other frameworks like Laravel. Experience a streamlined development process, enhanced security, optimal performance, and more:
  • Easy-to-follow guides
  • Quick integration modules
  • Reliable GraphQL API
  • Fast CDN
  • Personalization and AB testing
  • logo - What do you like best about Prepr?

    What do you like best about Prepr?

    Prepr's interface is intuitive and self-explanatory. After creating the account, understanding how to define schemas, contents, assets and localisation was a breeze!

    Francisco B.
  • logo - What do you like best about Prepr?

    What do you like best about Prepr?

    Nice UI, great features, seamless integration with Next.js, and the people behind are working as partners, not software sellers.

    Wouter V.

Get going

Start right away with PHP and Prepr

Retrieve CMS data with the Prepr Graph SDK to your PHP project by copying and pasting the following command line into your terminal.

        composer require preprio/php-graphql-sdk

5 minutes

Play with the SDK

Visit the Github repo for the GraphQL provider.

15 minutes

Get going with the quick start guide

Learn how to quickly connect Prepr to PHP and build a simple blog.

30 minutes

Build a complete website with personalization

Create a fully functional website with rich pages and personalization features.

Personalized websites

Create customized experiences effortlessly

The integrated personalization engine simplifies the process of creating exceptional customer journeys. Setting it up requires only one line of code. Once set up, the marketing team can conduct as many personalization experiments as they desire, without needing a developer.


Join a large community of PHP developers

Join our vibrant Slack community of PHP developers at Prepr. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, find quick answers and engage in lively discussions. Stay updated on the latest PHP advancements and actively contribute to shaping the future of Prepr through our developer talks.

Start Building Today

Finally create real unique digital experiences with ease

  • Join the Prepr Community for free
  • No credit card needed
  • Personalization features are included