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PHP and headless CMSs

Headless CMSs are popular amongst developers that use PHP, the much-used scripting language for web development.  

A headless CMS disconnects the front-end of your website from your back-end. It’s like a repository for your content, and through an API, you can deliver all kinds of content to all types of websites, apps, and devices.
Just like PHP, a headless CMS is platform independent: it allows you to build a seamless content platform while minimizing development and maximizing flexibility.


Selecting a headless CMS for PHP developers

By selecting a PHP-focused headless CMS, you gain the ability to use the scripting language you prefer. Simply because not every developer wants to build websites by only writing HTML or CSS. So, how do you find a headless CMS while there are so many available?
Sure, most CMSs offer the ability to use PHP. But due to complicated APIs, unclear documentation, and a lack of support, finding a suitable CMS can be quite a hassle. 
To make a sound decision, you need to first map the requirements of your headless CMS. Aside from being able to use PHP, what are the additional features that you need for your business?

Key requirements for a headless CMS for PHP

We believe some of the essential features are:  
- A state-of-the-art content editing tool, including scheduling and preview solutions and versioning.
- Global CDN to deliver your content at speed.
- GraphQL API to quickly connect your frontend applications.
- Webhooks to trigger custom code
- SDKs to simplify front-end integration
- Query & mutation API to manage your environments programmatically and easily create new content items.

Lucky for you: that’s where Prepr comes in.


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