Getting started with Prepr for development teams

Every Tuesday
15:00 CEST
Take the leap into Prepr CMS with confidence. This workshop covers essential features and advantages, guiding your development team through personalization, content modeling, and more. Fast-track your expertise and maximize Prepr's potential for your projects.

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Key takeaways

Master Content Modeling and Implementation: Gain a solid understanding of content modeling with Prepr to maximize efficiency and adaptability in your projects.

Optimize Your CI/CD Workflows: Learn how to integrate Prepr seamlessly into your existing CI/CD pipelines, enhancing automation and reducing deployment times.

Leverage Integrations and Modern Frontend Technologies: Discover how to effectively integrate Prepr with other systems and data sources and utilize frameworks like Next.js and React to create dynamic, scalable applications.

Learning about CI/CD integrations and content modeling with Prepr was incredibly valuable. It’s exactly what we needed to streamline our development process.

Lucas R.