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Prepr for developers

The conversion-centric CMS for modular platforms

Experience the ease of building digital experiences with our set of developer-focused features, including composable content, extensive APIs, and robust integrations, all aligned with MACH principles.

Composable content

Build with flexibility: composable content for modern development

Embrace component-based structures that allow for easy repurposing and customization, fitting perfectly into your modular development landscape.
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Streamlined APIs designed for todays digital platforms

Optimize your development process with Prepr's Content and Management APIs, offering the freedom to automate, migrate, and deliver content efficiently across any architecture.


Effortless integration: Seamlessly integrate Prepr into your digital platform

Leverage Prepr's extensive integrations and remote source functionality to enhance your digital platform with external data and tools.
Prepr's integrations with external data and tools
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What do you like best about Prepr?
Prepr is a content management system that offers a powerful GraphQL endpoint for accessing and managing content. I have experienced that the GraphQL endpoint is clear and easy to use, making it a great choice for developers.
Yanick V.
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What do you like best about Prepr?
From a developer's perspective, Prepr is very easy to integrate. The REST API works very well and has low response times. Support employees answer questions very fast and effectively, and issues are solved shortly after being reported.
Raymond V.
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