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How Vitalis simultaneously launched two websites to enhance elderly living

Vitalis offers solutions in the field of well-being, care and living in all phases of aging. Discover how Vitalis and Good News revolutionize aging care with Prepr CMS. Implementing two websites simultaneously to accomplish the Vitalis mission: Provide innovative solutions for happy aging.
Good News


Appeal to multiple audiences in one go

The  target audience for Vitalis is made up of the elderly, informal caregivers (’mantelzorgers’) and professional care workers. Their main challenge was how to appeal to these different groups at the same time to accomplish their mission of happy aging. In detail, this means they needed to accomplish a couple of goals:

Vitalis: Innovate care for the aging
Vitalis is a Dutch professional care company where independent living for the elderly is a priority. They aim to make individuals feel valued and happy, emphasizing the importance of community. So, they work together with residents, their families, and care professionals towards the art of aging happily.
  • Make relevant information accessible and user-friendly for their customers. Especially considering the research that shows that although over-65's in The Netherlands  are generally more computer proficient than in other countries, the percentage is still very low compared to other age groups. 
  • Make vacancies at Vitalis more visible and appealing and match the right candidates to available positions. This is especially difficult because research shows that a care worker shortage is the general trend in the Netherlands. It's therefore vital that Vitalis finds a way to attract job seekers from a limited pool of skilled care workers. 

Vitalis partnered up with Good News to take on this challenge and they came up with a dual brand strategy. 

  • To provide a platform that is easily accessible, user-friendly and informational to inspire enthusiasm and participation in what Vitalis has to offer. 
  • To perfectly match job seekers to available positions and to ensure a smooth application process for jobseekers.
Good News: Creating impactful digital platforms
Good News is a full-service web agency that develops digital platforms to achieve goals with great precision. Helping brands and organizations move forward with today's challenges.

This dual brand strategy gave rise to the need for a multi-site platform solution.

Prepr enables the seamless management of multiple platforms from one place, while simultaneously building them around the user based on their behavior in a very user-friendly manner.

Gijs Matthee profile photo
Gijs Matthee
Digital Performance Strategist at Good News


New digital platform with two websites on Prepr CMS

Vitalis Corporate

To solve the challenges, Goodnews designed a digital platform to host a new corporate website and a new jobseekers website. With Prepr CMS, this modular headless architecture makes this vision a reality.

The Vitalis corporate site is focused on the biggest target audience, elderly customers. So, it's accessible, user-friendly and has popping color contrasts, large fonts and a large sticky help link. And Prepr CMS provides the much-needed content to inform website visitors.

The mobile version of the site  includes designed features such as larger buttons and a quick access menu containing the key components of the platform; simple navigation inspired by the senior citizen phone ensures ease of use. This enables elderly customers to navigate easily, find information, and seek assistance when needed. In this way, the platform promotes independence and confidence, allowing older adults to continue participating in the modern digital age without feeling overwhelmed by complex technologies.

Vitalis Jobseekers ('Werkenbij')

The jobseekers website matches candidates to their ideal vacancies at Vitalis. The matching logic uses relevant content and job vacancies based on segmentation that align well with the needs and interests of the platform user. So, when the jobseeker fills in their preferences through a short questionnaire, the site matches the visitor preferences with segments, for example, ’care professional’. 

The website displays a filtered list of vacancies. And from this list, jobseekers can apply to multiple vacancies in one go. 

Setting up the wide range of models in Prepr CMS is easy and fluid due to the fact that you can quickly click everything you need in one go.

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Remco Tak
Senior Front-End Developer at Good News


Simultaneous release of two websites and twice as many job applications

Despite the tall order, the challenge was met head on. Vitalis went live with two websites simultaneously with both sourcing content from Prepr CMS and the results have exceeded their expectations.

A simple comparison revealed that the number of job applications on the new jobseekers site is double the number before the new sites went live.

It's still early days, but Vitalis is excited about seeing more benefits from the multi-site platform including an increase in customer satisfaction and overall engagement in their service offerings.

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