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Are you looking for a headless CMS to manage your Laravel-built applications? Prepr is an API-first, data-driven, headless CMS, especially valuable when working with Laravel.

Laravel CMS


Laravel and headless CMS

Laravel is the open-source web framework of choice for many developers around the world. One of Laravel’s biggest benefits is the ability to create flexible content structures and content models.

When being this adaptable, you also want to work with a CMS that gains you this amount of flexibility – and a headless CMS is your best fit. A headless CMS disconnects the front-end of your website from your back-end. Through an API, you can deliver all kinds of content to all types of websites, apps, and devices. 
Integrating Laravel with a headless CMS allows you to build a seamless content platform. It minimizes development and maximizes flexibility. What’s not to love?


Selecting a headless CMS for Laravel

If you want to build a powerful website or app, you need a headless CMS that allows you to integrate Laravel. But how do you find a headless CMS that works for you and your preferred framework? 
While there are countless headless CMSs available, complicated APIs, unclear documentation, and a lack of support make finding the right CMS quite a challenge. That’s why we advise you to first map the requirements of your headless CMS. Aside from supporting Laravel, what features do you need from your new CMS?

Key requirements for a Laravel headless CMS

Anno 2021, essential features and functionalities are at least:
  • A state-of-the-art content editing tool, including scheduling and preview solutions and versioning. 
  • Global CDN to deliver your content at speed.
  • GraphQL API to easily consume the API from Laravel. 
  • Webhooks to trigger custom code
  • SDKs to simplify front-end integration
  • Query & mutation API to manage your environments programmatically and easily create new content items.

If this is what you’re looking for: meet Prepr.

Headless CMS

Prepr: a versatile headless CMS for Laravel

We are Prepr. A data-driven headless CMS built with Laravel frameworks in mind. Our solution offers valuable features for building flexible content platforms, from a drag-and-drop content editor to versioning and multi-brand publishing: we have all the goods.

Our GraphQL/Rest API helps you retrieve data with a single call, and we serve your content via a globally distributed CDN to guarantee quick load times. Our built-in cache invalidation ensures your content is always up to date. And because we have clear documentation on all of this, we can promise you’ll be up and running quickly.


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