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Introducing Enumerations: Simplifying lists in your Schema

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Learn about our latest feature in Prepr: Enumerations. This new functionality not only simplifies schema creation but also improves your control over content modeling. Check out this article to learn how Enumerations, making it easier to work with lists, can streamline your workflow and improve your content delivery.

We've introduced a new update: The Enumerations feature in Prepr. It's a significant improvement for developers and content modelers using our platform.⚡️

Enumerations, our latest extension to the schema and our latest brainchild, was born with a clear and bold mission: to refresh and simplify your schema creation journey in Prepr. Remember the days when adding a List field to a model or component meant defining the list's values each time? And how it could turn into a repetitive chore and a jumbled schema if the same list values were needed across multiple models or components? Those days are over!

Say hello to the era of Enumerations. We've streamlined the process in a big way. Now, you have the power to define your own enumerations, a predefined list of values, and use them in any model or component with the List field. The true genius of this feature lies in its simplicity and efficiency, you create an enumeration once and it's yours to reuse across multiple models or components. The result? A much cleaner, more organized schema.

Creating an enumeration is easy. A few clicks in the Schema Editor tab in Prepr and you're done! Once you've crafted your enumeration, you can add it to any model or component that needs the List field. It's straightforward, it's efficient, and it helps you steer clear of duplications.

The arrival of Enumerations is solid proof of our commitment to lending an ear to your feedback and acting on it. We knew our developer community was wanting this feature, and we're happy to say it’s here. Please refer to our documentation for detailed instructions on how to use an enumeration in Prepr.

But hold on, we're not done with the exciting news! This feature doesn't just add to the Prepr Schema, it extends it, reinforcing our core functionality. Our Schema now boasts of Models, Components, Enumerations, and Remote sources, offering you unparalleled flexibility and control over your content modeling.

We greatly appreciate your feedback. Please contact us for support or to share your thoughts.

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