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Our 2021 Rewind

About Prepr

The new year has started, time for New Year's resolutions. But, we can't make new ones without reflecting on the old ones. As many of you know, Prepr is based in the Netherlands, and we've conquered four lockdowns already. But what did we do this year besides working from home? Let me show you what we have accomplished together this year.

Our year in numbers

We've made a lot of progress this year, and these numbers mean a lot to us.

  • 68 million events in Prepr
  • 38.5 million content items in Prepr
  • 5.460 commits in Github
  • 26 significant new updates within Prepr
  • 1 happy team

We're very proud of our team's work so far, and we're excited to see what this year has up her sleeve for Prepr.

Most exciting product releases

Seeing all the updates we've done this year to improve Prepr, we'd like to highlight our (and hopefully your) favorites.

In early 2021, we launched the GraphQL API to easily connect your frontend application to Prepr. GraphQL is a standard that fits well with a microservices architecture and allows you to retrieve data with just one call.

After that, we released a data-driven feature: AB-testing. This allows the editor team to make different variations of the content item and measure the impact of each variant. And choose the one with the, for example, highest engagement score.

What is a headless CMS without integrations? This year we released integrations with CommerceTools, Commerce Layer, Typeform, MUX, and Agnoplay. Therefore, you can sync your systems with just one click.

Due to our Shared Content Models, developers have the opportunity to create a single content model that can be reused across environments. This increases speed and minimizes errors in the development of Content Models. This feature comes in handy for teams that manage websites for multiple brands or projects.

It has become easier to manage content in Prepr due to publication linking and publication overlays. You have three options regarding linking publications: a pop-up form, an auto-suggest dropdown, and checkboxes. The publication overlays allow you to add and edit related publications directly from the parent publication.

The Dynamic content editor contains a large white area where you can type and decide which elements you want to add to your content item. Then, use the shortcut '/' or the icon bar to add all kinds of elements and make sure your content item fits your wishes.

Automations, ah, a feature that has long been high on our wish list. This year our development team made it possible to automate repetitive actions. You can set up an automation by selecting a trigger and linking a specific action to this trigger - this can save you a lot of time.

And the last, but certainly not the least feature: Personalization. This version is now live in Beta.


2021 was also the year we welcomed some great new customers. IAmsterdam chose Prepr to manage and personalize its website content. They thereby replaced Sitecore as the central content platform. And several customers, such as BNNVARA and Fantastic Services, started personalizing their content for more engagement.

On to 2022

And you can also expect a lot from us in the coming year. For example, personalization will be further developed and expanded. Several clients are currently developing exciting concepts with Prepr and personalization to increase the impact of their content. More on that in the coming months.

Do you also have good intentions for 2022 concerning content management? For example, how to quickly improve your conversion rate with personalization? Then contact us for a virtual coffee and a quick demo.