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Introducing the new MUX and Typeform integrations

New in Prepr

In this month's product update, we have some cool announcements. First and foremost, we can show you our long-awaited MUX and Typeform integrations. Also, we added some cool new features to make Prepr ever more easy to use. Enjoy!

Prepr introduces MUX integration for advanced video management

Mux Video is a superfast API-based video platform that enables developers to build unique live and on-demand video experiences. With Prepr's new MUX integration, you can now publish and stream videos and audio assets with MUX in a publication. Want to see how it works?
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All-new Typeform integration for effortless website forms

Adding a form to your website can be pretty complex and time-consuming. That's why we're proud to announce the Typeform integration. With this integration, you can add a form to a publication in just two clicks. The result is a simple forms solution that centralizes all your data and eliminates the need for a developer.
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Publication linking made easy

Linking publications is one the most used features in Prepr. With the new appearance setting, you now have three options to connect publications: a pop-up form, an auto-suggest dropdown, and checkboxes. This setting gives you even more control over how easy it is for editors to manage content in Prepr.
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Unlimited review URLs

When your content team works on a publication, you might want to review and see how a publication looks on the frontend. With the new flexible review URL's you are not stuck anymore to the default review URLs. You can now customize the number of review URLs and rename them as you like. Whether you want just one review URL or URLs for all DTAP frontends, we got you covered.