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Introducing the all-new Dynamic Content Editor

This month we have an exciting and big update. The development team replaced the old drag-and-drop editor with an all-new Dynamic Content Editor. Chances are high if you worked with Prepr before you've touched the old editor. For example, when editing a content item. We also got some small updates to optimize your content item view. Let's dive in and see what the new one means for you and your team.

All-new Dynamic Content Editor

The old drag-and-drop editor sometimes felt a bit stiff when dragging elements below or above each other. This didn't work fine when you added a lot of elements. Also, the headings that you added for example didn't appear as headings.

How the old editor looks with some content items below each other.

Prepr users were used to adding elements in the element bar, and the element would appear below all the elements that you had at that moment. But you couldn't add an element anywhere in between.

The old elements bar.

With the new editor, the playground has changed. For this everyday feature, we tried to make it as user-friendly as possible and optimize your workflow. The editor contains a large white area where you can type and easily decide which elements you want to add. To quickly add a new element in your field, press /, and a pop-up will appear with various elements to choose from. You can quickly add, delete, change, or move elements in the content item field.

This new feature is already available to selected customers and will be available for every customer over the coming weeks.

The new editor when the element pop-up appears.
Empty field.

The new editor is faster, better designed, and more user-friendly. The UX has been completely renewed with this feature and the editor feels much more direct, because, for example, headings appear as headings. So you see more of what you're doing before sending it to the front-end. With the new editor, you and your team can work faster and smarter with Prepr.
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The new editor with some elements added.

New column option in content item view

The development team added a handy new feature: columns in content items. You can now add columns to your content item view in settings. This allows you to have 1-2-3 content item field elements next to each other instead of having all fields below each other. 
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Editing the columns in settings.
How the columns look in a content item.

Optimize readability with narrow or wide view

When you are writing/editing a lot of text in Prepr the readability of the text editor can be an issue. You can now use the view button to widen or narrow the width of your text and optimize the readability of your content item.
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