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Connect your front-end application with the Prepr GraphQL API

The GraphQL API is here and ready for you to connect your websites and apps easily with Prepr. Combine this with a complete update of the developer documentation, image resizing, and extra tag suggestions, and you have a packed Prepr update.

GraphQL API available
GraphQL has established itself as a standard for communication between front-end applications and APIs. The Prepr GraphQL API is now available in public beta. All GraphQL responses are cached and delivered via our global CDN, guaranteeing fast response times no matter where you are.
Visit the API documentation

Updated developer documentation
Clear, well-structured documentation is essential for a smooth coding experience. This month the Prepr team released a new version of the docs with a complete update of all the information.
Check out the docs

Image resizer
Working with images in Prepr just got a bit easier. Now you can crop your pictures inside of Prepr and use them in publications. You can even set preset dimensions for your images to make it as easy as possible. And there's no need to save more than one image because Prepr sends your crop info through the API and keeps the original file intact.

SEO Tag suggestions
When you have enabled the SEO checker in Prepr, we now have new tag suggestions for you. This feature gives you advice on the most used words in an article that you can use to bump up the SEO score.

And as always lots of small improvements like a new login page that matches our updated brand style, login with Apple ID, and more.

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