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Introducing Prepr Optimize: AB-test your way into success

New in Prepr

In this month's product update, we have some exciting updates. This month we are announcing the release of Prepr Optimize, a tool that allows you to test different content versions to increase engagement. Oh, and also, we're proud to show you our new eCommerce and TypeForm integrations.

A/B-test your way into success

Do you want to improve the engagement of your content? We have designed a tool that gives you relevant information on your content. With the new A/B-testing tool, you can A/B-test your way into success. The tool allows you to optimize your content by testing different versions of your headlines, images, and content length.

This is how it works

  1. Connect with GraphQL API: First, connect your frontend with our GraphQL API and enable A/B-testing in your content models.
  2. Set up variants: Write your content. Make two different versions of your content in the publication editor by adding another variant. After you finished writing your article, publish it to your frontend and wait.
  3. Choose the winner: Choose the winner that has the best CTR%

Seamless integration between your eCommerce platform and Prepr

We are proud to announce new integrations for CommerceTools and Commerce Layer. With just two clicks, you can now find and include your products in a publication in Prepr. This integration helps you work faster and get all the data you need from one database when working on content.

Read the docs

Coming soon: Tailor-made integration between Prepr and TypeForm

Adding forms to your content can be a time-consuming task. Soon we will introduce our tailor-made integration between Prepr and TypeForm. With this integration, adding a form (from TypeForm) to your article is only two clicks ahead. This timesaving integration also helps you to get your data from one place: Prepr.