Exploring an adaptive website: The Acme Lease case

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In this article, we bridge the gap between theory and practice taking the Acme Lease case as a valuable example of successful personalization. Acme Lease's adaptive website transforms theory into reality, ensuring Ellen and Otto's unique car preferences are met, showcasing the crucial role of personalization in driving digital success and improving conversion rates.

Here we are, with the fourth and last article of the year before the Christmas break. Today’s focus? Rolling up our sleeves and experiencing firsthand the workings of an adaptive website in action.

In case you missed our last article, where we explored the types of websites best suited for an adaptive approach, don't worry – you can always catch up on our blog to stay in the loop.

"In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not." - Albert Einstein

There is a huge difference between theory and practice. Theory tells us what might work, but practice confirms it. What’s the point of knowledge if there isn’t an application?

Let me take you back to my college days swimming in translation theories and methodologies. I soaked up so much knowledge about the topic, but did I dive into applying it? Well, no! The reality hit me when I stepped into my first job as a patent translator.

Don’t get me wrong. Theory is important, it's the foundation for practice. But if a theory remains untested in practice, it serves no purpose. After discussing how important it is for websites to be personalized and adaptable, providing a unique experience and boosting conversion rates, it’s also time for us to actually put these ideas to work.

The Acme Lease's case

Let's examine a real-world example of Acme Lease, a leading car lease company, to illustrate how an adaptive website can make all the difference. We'll follow two visitors, Ellen Electric and Otto Occasion, who have different goals when it comes to choosing a car. We’ll see how personalization turns their visit into a personalized journey, boosting the Acme Lease website's conversion rates.

Meet Ellen and Otto

Allow me to introduce our two visitors.

First up is Ellen Electric on a mission to find the perfect electric car through her employer's business lease deal, armed with a budget of up to €500. On the other side, we have Otto Occasion, searching for a used car for private weekend adventures with a €300 budget. It’s clear that Ellen Electric and Otto Occasion approach their car decisions with distinct intentions and unique goals in mind.

If the Acme Lease website was not adaptive and didn’t change based on what they needed, Ellen and Otto would see exactly the same website and have the same user experience.

But thankfully, that's not the case.

Ellen's Electric Journey

Just like everyone else, the first stop for research is always Google. Our friend Ellen is no exception. She types in "business lease electric car,” and she stumbles upon Acme Lease's catchy ad. Intrigued by the ad, she clicks on it and lands on a page made just for her – focusing on business leases and electric cars. Why? Because the website remembers that Ellen is into business leases and electric cars.

After taking a look at a Tesla model she's eyeing, Ellen takes a break and leaves the site. The next day, while casually scrolling through Instagram, probably lounging on her couch, she spots a retargeting ad that pulls her back in. Clicking on the ad, she lands on the homepage. Thanks to the website's memory, the homepage welcomes her with exactly what she's looking for – electric cars and business lease options, along with suggestions that match her interest in the Tesla. Ellen likes what she sees, clicks through, and boom, she requests a quote.

Otto’s Occasion Journey

Now, let's check out what Otto discovered during his search. Just like Ellen, he kicks off his Google quest, but this time, he's in the market for a used car. He types in "private lease occasion," leading him to a landing page tailored to his needs – spotlighting private leases and used cars. And just like before, the website doesn't forget that Otto has a thing for private leases and occasions.

Choosing an Opel Corsa, Otto leaves the site with his choice in mind, mulling over what he just explored. The very next day, he's back on the website, much like Ellen. And what does he find? A friendly welcome on a personalized homepage. The website, keeping in mind Otto's preference for private leases and occasions, provides a digital experience showcasing used cars, including models similar to the Opel Corsa. Otto's curiosity is piqued, and he moves on to requesting a quote without missing a beat.

The Power of the Adaptive Website

What's cool here is that Ellen and Otto, with totally different needs, both find exactly what they’re after. Acme Lease's adaptive website ensures each visitor gets a personalized journey, creating an experience that not only satisfies but captivates. This real-life example tells us loud and clear that personalization isn't a bonus; it's the fuel that drives businesses forward in the digital market. Those who miss out on it get left behind.

Even with completely different needs, these two visitors enjoy a great user experience on a website that boasts higher conversion rates. (+10-30%). This demonstrates the power of an adaptive website.

Getting started with Personalization

Now, are you ready to dive into Personalization? Starting your journey to personalize your website is easier than you think. If you're keen on the benefits of segment-based personalization, check out The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Personalization. You will learn how to create a personalized website with adaptive content that meets your visitors’ needs while boosting conversion by 30% or more.

And with that, we've reached the end of today! This marks the conclusion of our articles before the Christmas break. But don't worry, our series on personalization is taking a holiday break too, and we'll be back in the new year with four more articles every Tuesday. Until then, as Truman used to say, "In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!"

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