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Behind the Scenes at Prepr: Our Virtual Water Coolers

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At Prepr, we have a dedicated and hardworking team, yet we’re not just about lines of code and innovative solutions. We’re a diverse group of individuals with passions and interests that vary a lot from our day to day business. As a result of this we have a few company group chats that we thought could be fun to share with you, also known as our virtual water coolers. These group chats connect us through shared interests and laughter.

The Builders' Corner

In our builders group chat, our team members share their latest home improvement projects, whether it's a full-scale renovation or a weekend DIY. The developers and product team are particularly active, sharing everything from complete house and garden renovations to newly installed trampolines for the kids. Along with progress photos, they exchange a wealth of tips, tricks, and even equipment. Here are some examples of what has been shared!

One team member, in particular, Tom Swinkels, always stands out. A developer by profession, Tom has been systematically renovating his entire house and documenting the process both within our team and on social media. We are consistently impressed by his commitment and the quality of his work, mirroring his professional contributions to Prepr. Here's a glimpse of Tom's renovations the before and current status.


Current status:

Global Cuisine

Our Cooking group chat serves as a digital kitchen, where we share recipes, traditional dishes, vegan/vegetarian options, and food experiences from our travels. Although Prepr is based in The Netherlands, our employees originate from various countries including Ukraine, Armenia, Italy, Russia, and South Africa. This brings a great variety to the recipes!

While the Dutch may not be famous for their cuisine and may often stick to dishes like stamppot and erwtensoep, we at Prepr enjoy sharing recipes and expanding our cultural cuisine knowledge. It's so obvious that we love cooking so much that we even incorporated it into our last company social event. Here are some of the images we've shared!

The Crew

Our crew group chat is the heart of our virtual water cooler, where jokes, memes, and travel stories take up most of the space. You might think that the crew chat would be strictly business, but nothing is further from the truth. Sure, sometimes there is the occasional question as to who left their bread in the toaster 🤪, but most of the time, the chat is a space where we share personal moments from our lives. It includes updates on events they're attending, travel photos and stories, funny memes, birthday wishes, and uplifting announcements. These include both organizational updates from Prepr and personal news. It offers a glimpse into each team member's life. Here are some of those glimpses.

At Prepr, our strength lies not only in the quality of our product but also in the passion of our people. Our unique perspectives, personalities, and interests make us who we are. The virtual water coolers contribute to a positive and enjoyable company culture, promoting diversity, creativity, and the simple joy of shared moments.

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