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Celebrating Success: Prepr Earns G2's High Performer Badge for Fall 2023

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G2 Badge

Notice anything new in our logo today?

Alongside our signature purple color, a bright orange capital G and a little 2 have joined us. Why, you ask?

Well, good news! We’re happy to share that G2 awarded Prepr with a "High Performer - Small business“ badge for Fall 2023. Today, we’re feeling like a proud mom cheering for her kid's win on the sports field (or any achievement, really). Moms always think their kids deserve a medal, but it's extra awesome when others recognize our merits.

Okay great but… What is G2?

When we shop for a product, our first instinct is to check out user reviews to make sure it's the right fit. Well, G2 does the same for the software industry. It's the go-to platform for consumers to share their opinions and experiences, helping others make informed choices.

As the largest and most trusted source for software reviews, G2 is where customers write about the software and services they're using. Over 80 million people annually use G2 to make smarter software decisions based on real peer reviews. Businesses also get recognized with awards for excelling in categories like performance, support, and customer satisfaction.

What does the "High Performer" badge mean?

The “High Performer (Small-Business)” badge recognizes products in the High Performer quadrant within the Small-Business Grid Report. These products stand out with high customer satisfaction scores compared to others in their category during the quarterly review. A product earns this badge automatically if it's a top performer in a G2 Market Report and G2 updates your profile badge with the latest reporting season's achievement.

G2 collects reviews from their website community, social networks, and other online sources, applying their special algorithm to calculate real-time customer satisfaction and Market Presence scores. Every quarter, the High Performer badge goes to the top solutions with high customer satisfaction scores in their specific areas. It's all based on genuine consumer evaluations of a company's products, services, and overall user experience.

As G2 says, "You're here because you're special.”

Why the G2 badge means a lot to us?

There's just something special about achieving things for the first time. And this is our first badge from G2, and it's making us super excited. Why? Because it’s all thanks to you!

G2's badges, like the "High Performer" one, highlight top-notch product performance and user satisfaction, all thanks to real customer reviews. It’s a clear sign we are on the right track and you are happy with what we’re delivering, and that’s a real win for us. We’re more dedicated than ever to keeping you happy as you are and doing even more!

Before we wrap up, there's just one thing on our minds: a big thank you!

Check out the G2 website and see what our happy users are sharing!

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