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Overall performance upgrade in Prepr CMS

New in Prepr

2022 kicks off with a refreshing update for you. First, we recently completed a performance upgrade in Prepr CMS. Furthermore, we executed a vulnerability check on Apache4j. So let's dive in and see what this means for you and your team.

Overall Performance upgrade Prepr CMS

At Prepr, we find it very important that our application works fast and that all users can quickly perform their tasks in our system. That's why we ended the year with a performance upgrade in which we thoroughly reviewed the code in Prepr CMS. We found out that several code snippets were slowing things down. Therefore, the team optimized specific code snippets for speed. This has improved the performance of the whole system. We hope you've noticed the difference and have optimized your workflow.

Log4j Vulnerability. No, thanks.

As many of you have heard, the Java community has been hit by a widespread vulnerability in an open-source Apache logging library. What about Prepr? Good news. Even though we use java, our app and APIs are not affected by the CVE-2021-44228 Log4j vulnerability for one simple reason. We do not use Log4j. To be sure, we checked our vendors, and they don't use it either.

We're happy to answer if you have specific questions or concerns on the topic. Just hit "reply" or write to [email protected] directly.