How to select a future-proof CMS in 2023?

Reaching your audience begins by selecting a better CMS. In 2022, you need to work with a CMS that allows you to make smart use of captured data and motivates your audience to engage. But how do you select a futureproof CMS? And what are the key considerations when deciding on a CMS for your business?

In this whitepaper, we will walk you through all requirements for a CMS. We will point out the must-have features for any CMS – regardless of your size or type of organization. We will name all stakeholders and describe the differences between a regular and a headless CMS.
We zoom in on:

  • The differences between a ready-to-use and headless CMS.
  • The must-have features when deciding to go headless.
  • The key considerations when selecting a headless CMS.