Getting started with personalization

Every first Thursday of the month
15:00 - 16:00 CEST
Designed specifically for web agencies, this workshop will arm you with the tools to implement personalization in client projects effectively. Learn to boost conversions and drive growth, becoming a more valuable partner in the digital landscape.

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Key takeaways

Understand Personalization Techniques: Deep dive into the nuances of hyper-personalization versus segment-based personalization, understanding which approach fits different client needs and project scopes.

Implementing Personalization Effectively: Learn the comprehensive steps for integrating personalization into your projects, from initial design through to development, ensuring a seamless deployment that maximizes user engagement.

Leverage the Adaptive Website Blueprint: Utilize our Adaptive Website Blueprint to kickstart your personalization strategy, focusing on identifying target audiences, leveraging relevant data, and deciding on personalization elements. Gain practical examples and actionable steps to empower your team for immediate implementation.

The clear distinction between hyper-personalization and segment-based approaches provided in the webinar has refined our strategy immensely.

Iris K.