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Custom Roles and Permissions

Manage system access with flexible, role-based access control


Edge-based testing

Edge experimentation: Zero flicker, full speed

Use edge-based A/B testing to drastically cut down on latency for quicker site responses. Plus say goodbye to the dreaded flickering effect of client-side A/B testing.


Unlock personalization in minutes, not weeks

Add a single line of code to your website to unlock personalization. This quick, straightforward method ensures your site can start delivering adaptive content rapidly.

Landing Pages

Create highly relevant landing pages in minutes without any coding

Unlock the power to create impactful landing pages within minutes, all without touching a single line of code.

PRIORITY support

Naturally, you get top-notch support

With Prepr, your agency benefits from a dedicated customer success manager, free pre-sales support, a private Slack channel, and a client management dashboard. Additionally, for each project, Prepr offers a dedicated Slack channel providing direct tech support for your developers.


Scale personalization. 
No flickering, more speed.

Use edge personalization for seamless, server-side testing. Experience lightning-fast personalization that scales, without flickering issues.

Shared revenue

A win-win: Benefit as your clients grow

Receive ongoing revenue share of the customers' monthly subscription fee.

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Content management + Conversion Optimization

Discover how Prepr benefits all your teams, as well as your clients

Bridge the gap between content management and conversion optimization with Prepr CMS. It's the dual-purpose solution that enables developers to build flexibly and marketers to optimize effectively, driving agency success.


No devs, no problem: 
Experimentation made simple

Zero-code experiments mean your marketing team can initiate personalization on their own, right away. Say goodbye to delays caused by the development queue, and hello to swift optimization and rapid growth.