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Composable and unique pages made easy with Stack with Personalization

New in Prepr

The new way to deliver the best customer experience is here. We're thrilled to introduce our revolutionary new feature: Stack with Personalization. This feature allows you to create composable web pages and personalize each element on the page. Let’s dive into the details and show you how it works!

What is the Stack Field with Personalization?

Stack Field with Personalization is a powerful new addition to Prepr, that allows you to create personalized web pages with ease. It’s like a dynamic page composer that takes pieces of content and fits them into web pages, creating beautiful layouts such as home or landing pages, product overviews, or article collections.

In Prepr, you structure content into reusable elements called content items and single-use templates called components. You can now stack these content items and components and easily personalize them for an audience. The audience that you choose is based on predefined segments or countries. A segment is a flexible way to group your visitors by specific criteria, for example, when a visitor viewed specific content. This way you can target different audiences and ensure that they receive content tailored to their needs and interests.

We’ll explain it in more detail in this video:

How will you benefit from Stack with Personalization?

One of the main reasons why we built Stack is to give our users more control and flexibility over the structure of their content. Content items and components within the same Stack Field enable users to compose the page they want and make changes on the fly, based on new data.

Plus, Stack is a great asset for digital teams, helping them to work more efficiently and collaboratively. Product owners, developers, and marketers alike can benefit from Stack, which enables them to streamline their workflow and encourages collaboration.

Development Team
Product owners can rest easy knowing that their personalization requirements will be delivered quickly, within budget, and even in the first release of their project - all without needing to purchase additional personalization engine tools! That’s because developers easily add Stack Field to the CMS in just a few steps and even add personalization with just one line of code. This one-time setup means less stress and no extra maintenance for page-by-page configuration.

Marketing Team
The development team isn't the only one who will benefit from this new feature. Marketers are given the freedom to create and customize web pages to their own specifications, without having to consult the development team for every small change. They can create content tailored to each segment or visitor from any country, ensuring the right people get the right content and increasing engagement and conversion rates. Plus, it's easy to update content for different audiences, keeping it current and relevant.

How to set up Stack with Personalization

Setting up a personalized stack is a piece of cake and can be done quickly by developers. As a developer and marketer, there are some key steps that should be followed to ensure the process goes smoothly and you’ll have your Stack Field up and running in no time.

Additionally, here you’ll find a query example of how to fetch personalized content.

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Steps to follow as a developer:

Step 1: Upgrade to the latest API version

Step 2: Add a Stack field to your model.

Step 3: Enable tracking for personalization.

Step 4: Connect your front end to Prepr.

Check out the extensive documentation for developers to implement Stack. 

Steps to follow as a marketer:

Step 2: Choose and personalize an element/s in your stack.

Step 1: Add content to your stack.

Step 3: Choose the audience for your personalized element/s in your stack.

Step 4: Watch your conversion rates increase.


Using Stack with Personalization introduces a new level of freedom and creativity and greatly reduced development time. We are confident that it will allow our customers to create even more engaging, personalized experiences for their audiences.

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