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Prepr Clinches G2's High Performer Badge for Summer 2024

Isabelle Hanssen
Content Creator @ Prepr
Read time: 3 min

Summer is not just bringing sunny days but also some great news for Prepr! We are excited to announce that Prepr has been awarded the prestigious "High Performer" badge by G2 for Summer 2024. This badge is a testament to our relentless commitment to delivering top-notch products and services that our customers love. Let's take a closer look at why this award is so important to us and what it means!

Wondering what G2 is?

When we buy a product, we instinctively check user reviews to ensure it's the right choice. G2 does the same for the software industry. It's the go-to platform for users to share their views and experiences, aiding others in making informed decisions.

Being the largest and most trusted source for software reviews, G2 is where customers voice their opinions about the software and services they use. Over 90 million people annually turn to G2 to make smarter software decisions, based on authentic peer reviews. Businesses also earn recognition with awards for excelling in categories like performance, support, and customer satisfaction.

High Performer Equals High Customer Satisfaction

The "High Performer" badge from G2 is awarded to products that excel in their respective categories, particularly in terms of high customer satisfaction scores. This badge is automatically granted to top performers in a G2 Market Report, with profile badges updated each quarter to reflect the latest achievements.

G2 compiles reviews from its online community, as well as various social networks and other online sources. Using a unique algorithm, G2 calculates real-time customer satisfaction and Market Presence scores. Each quarter, the High Performer badge is given to top solutions with high customer satisfaction scores in their respective areas. This entire process is grounded in genuine customer evaluations of a company's products, services, and overall user experience. As G2 says, "You're here because you're special.”

Our satisfaction ratings as per G2 are:

  • Quality of Support: 95% (Average: 90%)
  • Ease of Use: 90% (Average: 90%)
  • Meets Requirements: 89% (Average: 90%)
  • Ease of Admin: 88% (Average: 89%)
  • Ease of Doing Business With: 93% (Average: 93%)
  • Ease of Setup: 87% (Average: 87%)

Why does the G2 badge mean the world to us?

There's something special about being recognized. We've received the "High Performer" badge from G2 for Summer 2024, and we're so excited! Why? Because it's all thanks to you!

G2's badges, like the "High Performer" one, underline our exceptional product performance and our high level of customer satisfaction, all backed by authentic customer reviews. It's a clear signal that we're on the right path, and you're happy with what we're delivering, and that’s a real victory for us. We’re more committed than ever to keeping you satisfied and exceeding your expectations!

Before we wrap up this celebratory note, we just want to say one thing: A big, heartfelt thank you!

Do visit the G2 website and see what our delighted users are saying!