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Content Creator @ Prepr
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About Prepr

As we launch into fresh, innovative territory with Prepr CMS, we realized it's time to refresh our identity to match the novelty, distinctiveness, and quality of our solution. Our experiences with numerous CMSs showed us the untapped potential and inspired us to reinvent our own CMS and initiate a transformative rebranding. Join us as we share the details of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what a CMS can do.

As a company, we've tried numerous Content Management Systems (CMSs) and appreciated their utility in managing content. However, we recognized the potential for a CMS to do more, to truly serve as a dynamic tool for our business, particularly in delivering enagaging experiences and driving conversions. We found that traditional Content Management Systems were lacking in this area, forcing us to rely on disjointed tools for A/B testing and personalization. These tools proved to be an obstacle, complicating our frontend, impacting performance, and inducing unwanted flicker due to client-side execution.

In essence, a CMS should be more than a platform to post content, it should be a driver of conversions. The digital industry is witnessing a paradigm shift, from merely publishing content to creating deeply engaging experiences, setting new benchmarks for digital engagement. The transition from monolithic systems to modular, headless architectures is revolutionizing our industry. These trends necessitate digital platforms that are not just flexible and scalable, but ones that enhance engagement and conversion rates significantly. Traditional CMSs simply can't keep up with these developments.

Our experience revealed a gap in the market: a comprehensive solution for managing content, facilitating A/B testing, and offering content personalization, all within a single platform. In response, we took the initiative to create our own Content Management System; Prepr. We envisioned a headless, server-side CMS operating at the frontier, incorporating first-party data. Our goal was to provide a practical solution that simplifies content management and personalization, supporting the growth of high-conversion websites.

Prepr not only fills a void in the market but also sparks a path to accurately reflect our revolutionary approach to content management. This rebranding is not just aesthetic, it's a reaffirmation of our commitment to continuously innovate and redefine the capabilities of a CMS. We're excited to share our evolved brand that stands as a testament to our innovative spirit and dedication to excellence in the field of content management.

As part of our rebranding, we worked hard on a complete redesign of our website, giving it a fresh, new look that mirrors the quality of our CMS. Our logo color was slightly updated and in addition, we've updated our social media presence with a new style of images and banners that reflect our innovative solutions and the dynamic way we operate as a company.

Stay tuned for more as we continue to push the boundaries of what a CMS can do! 🚀