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Introducing Advanced Content Filters for related models

New in Prepr

In this month's product update we have one of the most requested features: Advanced Content Filters. And there's more. We are highlighting the shared content models, the brand new Prepr Design and finally, we will show you the next.js SDK with a Prepr blog example. Enjoy!

Speed up your content workflow with Advanced Content Filters

Finding the right content quickly in your content management system is crucial for an efficient workflow. Prepr now makes it even easier to filter precisely the content you are looking for with Advanced Content Filters. These filters allow you to filter your content by model (e.g., All blog posts) and on submodels (e.g., All blog posts by a specific author). So, drill down on precisely the right content, and speed up your content workflow with Advanced Content Filters.

Maximize development speed and minimize errors with Shared Content Models

For developers, a smoothly running workflow is very important on a day-to-day basis. Big brands, for example BNNVARA, have to manage multiple brands at once when building a content platform. With a Shared Content Model, developers have the opportunity to create a single content model that can easily be reused across environments. When you make changes in the Shared Content Model, all underlying models inherit the changes automatically. The biggest benefit here is that this minimizes errors, increases development speed, and makes it easy to maintain a leaner code base throughout.
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Brand new Prepr Design

People that use Prepr regularly might have already noticed. This week we launched part of the new Prepr design (beta). The main button color has changed to indigo. And the main menu changed as well. The menu layout has changed and has gotten a new font. The rest of the design will get a new version in the coming weeks. Oh and also, we have a dark mode in the pipeline. If you haven't seen Prepr from the inside yet you can create a free account.
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A statically generated blog example using Next.js and Prepr

Do you want to try Prepr with the next.js framework? Use the statically generated blog example as a guideline for your next.js project with Prepr. This will get you started quickly.
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