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A headless CMS that combines content and data

Prepr is not your average headless CMS. Powered by graph database technology, we allow you to maximize the impact of your content through captured event data. Our data-driven CMS is API-first, enabling developers and content editors to easily connect and manage content in one seamless solution. Awesome, right?


RESTful & GraphQL API

As a headless CMS, Prepr has a complete API that lets you manage content and data at one, centralized location. Both with RESTful and GraphQL.



Global content delivery network

Publish your content with our built-in CDN. The API delivers all data via a globally distributed content delivery network (CDN). The server closest to the visitor serves all content, which ensures quick load times and especially benefits mobile apps.


Jamstack CMS

JAMstack ready

Prepr is perfect for modern JAMstack applications built with Javascript, APIs, and Markup. Link your front-end application to our CMS and develop all desired platforms and apps serving personalized content.


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