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Content Management System

With all the talk about CMSs, you might be wondering what it is and if it has any benefits for you as a marketer. How will a CMS make your job easier and help you with daily challenges? How do you select a CMS that is right for you? What makes one CMS better for marketing than another? On this page, we explore the ins and outs of content management systems, the options available, and the benefits to you.

What is a content management system?

A content management system, or CMS, is a software application that allows you to arrange the digital content that is visible to site visitors.

CMSs allow you to easily change, create, and manage your website content without needing code writing skills. A CMS handles all infrastructure like storing images, creating web pages, and related functions to allow you to focus on the customer messaging and creating leads instead of the technical process.

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Finding a suitable content management system for marketing teams

Modern marketing strategies are all about being able to create personalized, engaging online experiences on all channels, across all touchpoints, and on devices such as desktop, mobile, and wearables.

To make a mark in the vast landscape of digital content you must be able to react with speed across multiple channels and reach your targeted customers first.

The CMS should enable you to easily do some of your core activities, such as:

  • Storing content centrally
  • Accessing, updating, and editing content for your site
  • Create blogs
  • Scheduling of blog posts, website pages, landing pages, and emails without requiring coding

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A deepdive into headless Content management systems

Marketers are often looking for more than a traditional CMS can offer and want the increased flexibility and scalability provided by headless CMS software solutions.

Marketers want to instantly and easily maintain content to respond to market changes and generate leads. Content should be usable on all platforms, and creating the digital experience should be intuitive, cost-effective and possible without engaging with a developer.

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What is a headless CMS?

The complexity of how you interact with and manipulate your data, coupled with the amount of data sources you have, is the primary indicator of whether or not you should be choosing a headless CMS, over traditional versions.

Understanding the concept of the headless CMS and how it works is important if you are looking into this CMS option.

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