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A deepdive into Headless CMS

Nowadays companies are looking for more than a traditional CMS can offer and want the increased flexibility and scalability provided by headless CMS software solutions.

Marketers want to instantly and easily maintain content to respond to market changes and generate leads. Content should be usable on all platforms, and creating the digital experience should be intuitive, cost-effective and possible without engaging with a developer.

Learn about the ins-and-outs of headless CMS, why headless CMS is the obvious choice, and which headless CMS system is the best choice for you.

Headless CMS explained in one minute

There are platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Sitecore that help you store and publish content like text, images and video on websites. 

A CMS organizes content in webpage-oriented frameworks. Your content, images, HTML, and CSS commingles with code and are impossible to reuse on other platforms or software such as mobile apps, and digital displays.

A headless CMS on the other hand disconnects the frontend and backend of a website with no presentation layer and no mingling with code. It only focuses on the content itself. 

The database-based backend makes the content available on several platforms through an API platform. You focus on the content only and can serve any type of content to every device.

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Why choose a headless CMS

The biggest deciding factor and question to ask yourself as a marketer is whether or not you need to manage multiple frontends or not. If you create the digital experience for only one standard website, you are in good hands with ready-to-use CMSs such as WordPress or Webflow.

If you are managing multiple frontends and have a more advanced content platform, you need to consider a headless CMS. 

If your digital content strategy requires from you to engage and maintain a digital experience across different platforms, devices and software, the traditional ready-to-use CMS will no longer suffice.

This modern option gives you the flexibility, scalability and reliability you require for your platform as it separates content and code easily.

How to compare different headless CMS

Just like there are many CMS options available, there are also different headless CMS options. In selecting the headless CMS that works for your business, it is important to be able to spot those with substance.

There are a few key points to consider over and above the normal requirements

Enable an engaging experience

Select a headless CMS that can make relevant recommendations and send out smart notifications. You must be able to target your intended audience to create engaging user experiences.

Help you reach business goals

You need a CMS that sees the marketing value of content and is aligned to your business objectives to drive more engagement, or to generate more leads.

Support Agile development

Your CMS must be able to keep up with rapid change and constant innovation to give you a future-ready digital infrastructureIMAGE

Embrace an aligned vision

It is important that the vendor and support for the CMS of your choice is aligned with your innovation and future vision to ensure you work with solutions that will move you forward.

Why choose Prepr headless CMS?

There are many reasons to choose Prepr headless CMS and a few are listed below:

  • Content Management
    Besides multi-channel publishing, Prepr is one of the few CMS offering aggregated publishing. With the rich content editor, you can schedule content, create previews to ensure accuracy, and create custom content models. Localizations are unlimited with versioning and roll-back functionalities, custom roles and permission, and workflow and commenting.
    It offers rarely seen integration fields and is one of the very few that provides A/B testing and must-have Search Engine Optimisation functionalities.

  • Personalization
    Prepr CMS is unique in offering authentication, data management, personalization, segmentation, notifications, and making recommendations. No major competitor can come even close.

  • Development
    The advanced development platform offers query and mutation API functionalities, graphQL API, webhooks, and SDKs, and has a small global CDN.
  • Subscription plans
    The Prepr headless CMS offers a very competitive pricing range with a free forever plan and supports up to 3 environments with up to 25 users and unlimited publications. They also offer different plans based on the user's needs that can grow flexibly.

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