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Prepr Contests: Simple and accurate prizes and winners administration for radio stations

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On-air contests are great for engaging listeners. But the correct administration of prizes plus winners and rapid fulfillment is hard. That's why we developed Prepr Contests. A powerful solution to manage prizes and contests, record winners and fulfill reliably.

Great contests need a great workflow
Radio stations play various contests to reach more listeners, strengthen brand values and increase time spent listening. From simple goodie bags to invaluable concert tickets and life-changing experiences. Managing contests efficiently and accurate is crucial to ensure clear communication within the station and to give listeners a great experience.

However, the giveaway process is complex. You have to manage prizes and stock levels carefully to make sure exactly the right amount of prizes are won. Prize winner details must be recorded accurately to minimize delivery errors and frustration, the fulfillment must be swift, and you have to comply with tax and privacy regulations like the GDPR.

Prepr introduces a contests module to manage prizes, contests, and fulfillment easily, accurately and in compliance with tax and privacy regulations.

Manage prizes
Careful prize management is the basis for great contests. With Prepr you record all prize information in one place. From giveaway texts for the DJ to stock levels, tax values, fulfillment deadlines and email texts for listener notifications. The prize detail page provides all information on one easy to use screen. Prizes have a stock level and a status that indicates the prizes are ready to give away. This ensures that prizes are not given away when they are not yet delivered or out of stock.

Add contests
Scheduling contests is easy. Add a memo with the information for the on-air staff, schedule the memo so they are given away at precisely the right times, and add one or more prizes. The item automatically shows up at the right time for the DJ's and producers to incorporate in the timeline of their show.

Screen and record winners
When it's time to play the contest, it's easy to screen contestants. Instantly see who has won earlier and whether the candidate performs well on-air or is better avoided or even blacklisted. Record contestant details easily with automatic address recognition and pre-filled fields when information is already available.

Select the right prizes (T-shirt sizes, etc.) and send a prompt confirmation email to the winner. You can even include a video of the on-air moment in the email. The winner can check if all information is recorded correctly and make changes if needed. This ensures even greater data accuracy.

Fulfill prizes
Monitor all winners in a clear overview. In one glance you can see which prizes still need processing and if the fulfillment deadline is due. Handle giveaways yourself in-house, or collaborate with a fulfillment partner. With easy to download spreadsheets for partners and even the option to fully automate the fulfillment process.

Privacy & tax ready
We designed Prepr Contests in close cooperation with financial and privacy specialists. Making sure Prepr complies fully with existing tax and privacy regulations. This is especially important since Prepr builds 360-degree profiles of listeners that you can use to increase listener engagement and provide a more personalized experience. However, that's a different topic.

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Prepr Contests is a powerful prizes and contests solution for radio stations:

  • Prize management
  • Contest management
  • Quick and accurate in-studio winner administration
  • Efficient fulfillment workflow
  • 360-degree listener profiles
  • Tax and GDPR compliant

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