New: Edit and instantly publish video and audio clips from your show

7 June 2018
New: Edit and instantly publish video and audio clips from your show

Your radio station broadcasts great moments every day. Publishing video and audio clips of these moments quickly to your app, website, social media, and smart speakers is crucial to reach more people and increase listener engagement. Prepr "Live clips" is a new Prepr add-on that enables radio stations to publish video and audio of on-air moments instantly.

Radio is emotion
As a radio station, you broadcast great and emotional content all the time: a screaming contestant winning tickets to see Ed Sheeran in New York, a comedy bit from the morning show, a world famous artist in the studio or that breaking news interview with the prime minister. Radio is full of great moments. And nowadays these moments also find their way to your website, app and social media. Reaching an even greater audience and increasing listener engagement.


Publishing video can be a pain
So publishing video and audio clips of your best content quickly is crucial for your station. But collecting, editing and publishing clips fast can be difficult. You have to wait for your in-house video production team, or you have to use a lot of applications to get the job done. That's why we developed "Live Clips". A Prepr add-on that lets you instantly publish video clips of your show to your app, website, and social media.


How does it work?
When Live Clips is enabled you will have a live video stream available in Prepr. You can select in- and out points in the video stream and extract clips easily. Pick an intro and outro to finalize the video. Publishing to your app, website and social media is a breeze. With just a few clicks the video or audio clip is published on every channel you want.

Let everybody share their moment of fame
Imagine what you can do with instant live clips. When it's so easy and fast to publish live clips, you can have a show producer create clips of all guests and winners within seconds. Email them a thank you message with a link to their video with the option to share it with their friends and family on Facebook pages and in WhatsApp groups. You will have an enormous impact on your most essential listeners and guests and reach a whole new audience at the same time.


Start publishing instant live clips today
"Live clips" is a paid add-on for Prepr. Want to know more about publishing video and audio clips to your app, website and social media? Contact your Prepr account manager.

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