Serious about privacy & security

13 June 2018
Serious about privacy & security

With privacy and security concerns on the rise, it's more important than ever to manage sensitive data securely at your radio station. Security is a crucial issue for Prepr as well. With encrypted communication, user permissions, expiring user accounts, two-factor authentication, and GDPR compliancy, Prepr makes sure all your data is protected carefully.

Privacy and security is important
Security and privacy is a big concern nowadays. With consumers being anxious about sharing sensitive data and governments issuing strict regulations and harsh fines when data is not treated carefully (GDPR). As a radio station, you manage a lot of listener data. Member registrations, on-air contests, incoming messages, and more. All this personal information needs to be handled carefully and in compliance with regulations. Prepr is built with privacy in mind. Here's how.


User permissions
Prepr is used by a variety of people at your station: DJ's, producers, program directors, music directors, online editors, and system administrators to name a few. Not everybody should be able to see all information. Like administering users, handling personal data of contest winners, analyzing performance stats, and looking for contact information of VIPs. Prepr provides detailed user permissions, so you have complete control over who has access to sensitive information at your station.

Auto account expiration
People come and go. For example, interns that stay only for a few months and employees who think the grass is greener elsewhere. Keeping user accounts in sync with all these changes is hard and often neglected, which leads to grave security breaches. Prepr offers expiring user accounts so you can set the expiration date of an account. This makes sure access is restricted at precisely the right moment. Users receive timely warnings that their account will expire so they can contact the admin to continue access without interruption.


Two-factor authentication
User and password guessing is the most common method hackers use to access systems unauthorized. By merely trying commonly used passwords or sending phishing emails to obtain user credentials. Two-factor authentication is a great extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access. Prepr recommends that all users activate two-factor authentication for their accounts and use their phones to obtain a secret code to log in.

GDPR ready
Since May 25th, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforced. You've probably already reviewed and updated your terms, privacy statements and consents in your app and on your website. However, that is not enough. Are you also able to provide, change and delete all personal information timely and thoroughly when requested to do so? Prepr is fully GDPR ready by making it easy to manage all listener data in one place and provide required data with just a few clicks. And when a listener requests to be forgotten, you can erase his or her information right away. When needed Prepr can provide a standard Data Processing Agreement.

Is your radio station GDPR compliant?
Are you interested in how Prepr can help your radio station become more secure and privacy-friendly? Contact a Prepr consultant.

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