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Introducing previews and the updated media browser

New in Prepr

During the holiday season, the Prepr dev team released some exciting updates. Check out our new preview option, the updated media browser, build-in SEO Checker, new dev tools and content integrations.

Publication preview

Now available for all Prepr users: publication preview. Preview the content your working on and get a good indication of how it will look on your website.

Editors want to be able to check their content quickly and see if it is well-formatted. However, most headless CMSes don't have a preview option, since they don't manage the frontend. Prepr now comes with a preview option that lets editors preview their articles right from within the content management system.

Media browser

Select images and videos in Prepr with the new media browser. With lots of small improvements that make it amazingly easy to work with rich media. We now even offer the option to make quick video clips from a live video stream.

SEO Checker

View the SEO score of your content instantly in Prepr and make sure you maximize search engine optimization.

Watch the video or read the blog post.

Developer tools for access tokens and webhooks

Recently we added new dev tools to monitor webhook requests and API usage in real-time. Now you can see what's happening between your application and Prepr even better. Spot problems quickly and fix them instantly.

Content integrations

Want to integrate content from another source? Prepr Content Integrations makes it easy to connect external content sources and use the information in Prepr publications.

Sometimes companies have external systems with information they want to include in web pages, like products, videos, or in one case, even golf courses. Connecting these systems with a CMS can be difficult. But Prepr now offers Content Integrations. A simple way to include content from other systems in your web content. How does it work?

  1. Have a developer connect Prepr with the external source with a simple API request.
  2. Include the content integration in your content models to make them available for editors.
  3. Editors can lookup and include external items right from within Prepr.

And there were another 345 minor updates and improvements to Prepr in August. 🚀