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New dev tools for Access Tokens and Webhooks

New in Prepr

Recently we added new dev tools to monitor webhook requests and API usage in real-time. Now you can see what's happening between your application and Prepr even better. Spot problems quickly and fix them instantly.

Access Token monitoring and error logging

The Access Token page now provides real-time data for the API usage of that application. You can filter requests on the http status code, method or by endpoint. For each request, you can immediately dive into the logs. The input, response, status code, headers and response time are available for every request that is logged. This can help debug requests to the Prepr API and identifying errors.

Webhook monitoring and notifications

Webhooks can be an essential part of the integration between your application and Prepr. Events that occur in Prepr can be delivered in near real-time to any endpoint. With this new release, it becomes easier to develop and maintain integrations that are based on the events that Prepr sends to your endpoint.

New notifications are added for failing responses. If your endpoint starts erroring and stops responding with a valid status code for a certain amount of time, Prepr will now notify the owner of the account that something is going wrong.

The new webhook attempts feature provides insights into the events posted to your endpoint, the responses they generated, and the retry count. Events can easily be resent by hitting the retry button on a specific event.