Innovamat’s Math Innovation using a headless CMS: A conversation with Raimon Martin

Bernard Jan Boekholt
CXO @ Prepr
Read time: 3 min

Why and how to personalize math courses with a headless CMS? In this episode of Prepr Talks, Raimon Martin, lead product manager at Innovamat, discusses this topic with Bernard Jan, CXO at Prepr CMS.

Raise your hand if you struggled with math in school. I'm raising both of mine.

For some subjects, it’s love or hate at first sight, but much depends on how the subject is taught. Today's guest is from Innovamat, a Spanish company revolutionizing math education in Spanish-speaking regions. Their goal is to improve math skills through gamified exercises, using both physical and digital resources to support teachers and create a transformative learning experience with a socio-constructivist approach.

In his interview with Bernard Jan, Raimon shared how his team uses a headless CMS to personalize and optimize math courses. Key highlights from their conversation include:

  • Headless CMS implementation
  • Personalization
  • Internal testing and feedback
  • Future plans and AI integration

Watch the full interview to learn how Innovamat has improved efficiency using a headless CMS.

"When we see that we were able to do this kind of personalization in Prepr, we were thrilled because we have to personalize different things like math notation for different countries.” – Raimon Martin

Key Topics and Takeaways

Headless CMS Implementation: Innovamat uses Prepr CMS to manage and optimize its course content. The headless CMS allows them to create, personalize, and localize content efficiently. With Prepr, updating and printing course materials has become much simpler and faster. This transition has made their workflow more efficient and less dependent on traditional software like InDesign. By using personalization features, Innovamat can create distinct versions of each lesson to fit the way it will be delivered.

Personalization: Different regions have unique educational standards and practices. Prepr CMS allows Innovamat to customize content for specific areas using custom tags. This enables them to tailor lessons to different geographical regions and curricular standards, providing personalized experiences for teachers and students. Additionally, personalization features let internal users preview new course versions before they are published, ensuring everything meets local needs.

Internal Testing and Feedback: During the school year, new versions of lessons are tested internally before being rolled out to all users. Martin highlights how the personalization feature allows them to quickly update course materials based on feedback from teachers, who can give their input directly through the platform. This ongoing process ensures courses continuously improve and adapt to different curricula without causing disruptions.

Future plans and AI integration: The conversation also touches on the potential of AI in enhancing their offerings, particularly in providing personalized insights to help teachers better support their students. However, Innovamat is cautious and focused on integrating AI in a way that aligns with its core values and mission. Their goal is to use AI to offer insights and customized recommendations to teachers, improving the learning process for students with diverse needs and abilities.

On the efficiency gains from Prepr: “As a product manager, this is one of the things that obsessed me – to be more efficient and to do things quicker and better. If we didn’t have it, we would need to do a lot of work to create these different versions.” - Raimon Martin