Read time: 3 min selects Prepr for content management and personalization

About Prepr

amsterdam&partners, known for its online platform, selects Prepr as its new headless content management system (CMS). With this choice Prepr replaces the current Sitecore CMS.

Digital first approach

Under the name 'Iamsterdam', amsterdam&partners provides cultural information about the Amsterdam metropolis to over 1 million residents and 9 million tourists. The city marketer shares information on a variety of channels, including the extensive online platform, the Iamsterdam City Card app, a digital newsletter and the Iamsterdam store and webshop. 

Due to the complexity of the online platform, the desire arose to switch from Sitecore to a more flexible, scalable headless CMS. This enables amsterdam&partners to adopt a 'digital first approach' - a way of working in which the online platform is leading, and all offline communication follows from it.

Data-driven CMS

After an extensive selection process, amsterdam&partners chose Prepr. The Dutch software company develops the world's first data-driven headless CMS: a content management system that combines content and data. With features such as multi-site control, AB-testing and a fully integrated personalisation engine, Prepr makes it possible to publish online content easily and to increase the impact of content. Without the need for an unnecessarily complex platform.

Prepr was chosen because this CMS integrates all the necessary functionalities into one system. Prepr also enables amsterdam&partners to realise the digital strategy of in the short term. This shifts the supply of online content from quantity to real-time quality. This requires a data-driven approach. 

Ready for the Future

With the renewed online platform, amsterdam&partners will get the most out of its online content. The first step is therefore to transform the online platform and to show personalised content to visitors on the basis of real-time data. In the spring of 2022, amsterdam&partners will be ready to launch the renewed platform. This new digital transformation is currently being developed in cooperation with digital agency Greenberry.

About amsterdam&partners

amsterdam&partners is a public-private organization dedicated to enhancing the reputation of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area among residents, visitors, and businesses. amsterdam&partners guides these target groups through the unique offerings of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. This is primarily done on the online platform, but also through visitor centres, magazines and events. This is how amsterdam&partners presents the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area to its visitors.