The best headless CMS for editorial blogs and platforms

When building an editorial blog or digital publishing platform, it’s key to select a CMS that allows you to centralize and manage your content. Especially when you share your content on multiple platforms. With the right CMS, you can create an outstanding content experience that increases both engagement and revenue.

Headless CMS

Effortlessly build a complex editorial platform

Building complex editorial platforms that include large amounts of content demands a strong foundation. As a headless CMS, Prepr disconnect the front-end of your website from from the backend and allows you to share all your content from one centralized solution.

Effortlessly publish your editorial content on every platform desired, whether it’s on a websit or a mobile app. This reduces complexity and saves unnecessary editing and development costs.

Data-driven experience

Be more relevant to your audience

Content is king, sure thing. But being relevancy is just as important. For editorial blogs or publishing platforms, relevancy equals revenue. Prepr’s data-driven features allow you to significantly increase relevancy. 

Our CMS includes everything you need to capture, store, and utilize customer data for optimization and personalization. Send notifications, give relevant content recommendations, or even display personalized editorial content based on their preferences.

Rich media & content editing

Publish content on a daily basis

Running a modern-day editorial platform means publishing content at a high frequency. Prepr’s drag-and-drop page builder and dynamic content editor allow you to effortlessly create content and send it across the web. 

Due to our GraphQL API-setup and global CDN, Prepr allows you to develop extremely fast websites that deliver content at lightning speed. On any device and in every media format.

Shared Content Models

Reuse your code throughout environments

With our Shared Content Models, your developers have the opportunity to create a single content model that can easily be reused across blogging environments.

When you make changes in the Shared Content Model, all underlying models inherit the changes automatically. Minimize errors, increase development speed and maintain a leaner code base throughout.

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