Customize experiences,
drive conversions

Craft personalized experiences by understanding and acting on detailed customer segments. This not only meets individual needs but also boosts engagement and conversion rates.

Data Collection

Get to know your visitors for insightful, data-driven experiences

Data Collection in Prepr allows you to turn visitor interactions into valuable data. Segment this information to personalize your site, boosting engagement and conversions.
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Personalization Segments partial screenshot


Easily define meaningful audience segments

Divide your audience by their distinct behaviors, interests, and demographics. Then, apply these segments to tailor your content, guaranteeing a customized and captivating experience for each visitor.

Adaptive content

Deliver unique experiences for every visitor

Create adaptive content that speaks directly to each segment's needs and preferences to deepen engagement and significantly boost conversion rates.
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See the impact of your personalization efforts

Prepr CMS provides detailed conversion rate metrics and graphs for every segment. Our integrated analytics make it simple to see the true impact of your personalization strategies.

Prepr simplifies the personalization process by handling data collection, segment definition, and content matching all in one system.

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Privacy first, hassle-free personalization


Scale personalization. 
No flickering, more speed.

Use edge personalization for seamless, server-side testing. Experience lightning-fast personalization that scales, without flickering issues.


Unlock personalization in minutes, not weeks

Add a single line of code to your website to unlock personalization. This quick, straightforward method ensures your site can start delivering adaptive content rapidly.


No devs, no problem: 
Experimentation made simple

Server-side experimentation usually requires significant effort from backend developers, but not with our solution. Zero-code experiments mean your marketing team can initiate personalization on their own, right away. Say goodbye to delays caused by the development queue, and hello to swift optimization and rapid growth.
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