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Create hyper-personalized experiences

Prepr’s headless CMS with built-in personalization engine helps you personalize customer experiences for more engagement and conversions. With Lean Customer Profiles, Real-time Segments, and Content Targeting, you can show the right content to each visitor. All the time.


Capture all the customer data you need

Connect with your visitors through real-time content personalization. With the Prepr Tracking Code, you can collect all the information you need for personalization in seconds - while meeting all privacy and security requirements.

Create super-precise personalization segments

Accurately define customer segments based on viewed content items, UTM tags, and other customer behavior. Then, use these segments as the ideal starting point for effective personalization with a headless CMS.

Deliver targeted content for each visitor

With Content Targeting, you control what content you show to customer segments. You can manually choose the content you want to present, or set up intelligent rules and automate personalization on the go. That’s laser-focused content according to Prepr CMS.


Getting started with personalization

A step-by-step guide to boost conversion rates by 30% or more with adaptive content.

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