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Work faster with live video clips and the quick launch bar

New in Prepr

This month's Prepr update features instant video clips, the quick launch bar, and automatic tag suggestions.

Create live video clips in seconds

Now you can add clips from a live video stream to your content in seconds. With the live video clipper in the media browser, it's as easy as 1-2-3 to edit a short video clip and include it in your content. Prepr's live clipper is an ideal solution for TV and radio stations who want to publish their best moments online instantly.

Work faster with the quick launch bar

When you use Prepr every day, it's essential that you can work super fast. That's why we added the Quick Launch Bar. A simple solution that lets you navigate Prepr quickly with just a few keystrokes.

Automatic tag suggestions

The right tags alongside your content help organize your publications and can be used to personalize the content experience and deliver targeted recommendations. But coming up with the proper tags and adding them by hand can be cumbersome. Not anymore! Now Prepr suggests tags automatically based on the content of an article. Just pick and click to select the right tags. Easy as that.

Archive users automatically

Forgetting to terminate old user accounts can create severe security problems. But remembering to remove user accounts can be difficult. SSO is one way to tackle this problem in Prepr, but we now introduce another solution. You can now add a termination date to a user, and Prepr will automatically remove access for this user at the right time. Perfect for that intern that only needs access for a few months. 😉

Connect your JAMstack app to Prepr

JAMstack solutions combine Javascript, APIs, and Markup to create modern web applications. Prepr is a perfect JAMstack content management system for managing your content and maximizing the impact. And developing your JAMstack app just got a lot easier with the new Prepr NodeJs wrapper. Just install the NPM package and start reading and writing to the Prepr API.

And, as always, there were lots and lots of small improvements. That's it for now, till next month. Stay safe!