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Why is a content management system important?

Content Management

Explore the reasons why a content system is important to easily create digital content that stands out from the crowd and empowers marketers.

Using content management systems to drive for digital content excellence

To survive in the highly competitive digital landscape companies need a digital experience that engages their  targeted customer segment. It is, however, not good enough to only survive; it is vital to get your content noticed and to grow your brand.

As a marketer, you know that managing and updating your company’s websites and platforms are essential to remain relevant. Despite this urgency, we often find websites with outdated information that were never updated after their launch.

An important reason for this problem is that companies use a content management system that is not easy to work with for marketers. It does not support their marketing activities and does not empower them to work independently from developers.

Working with developers can be very time-consuming and frustrating as you are not always speaking the same language or having the same goals. In this blog, we will explore how a CMS makes content management easier and how it empowers you as a marketer.

How does a CMS make content management easier?

Most of us are not website developers. However, to fully understand what a CMS delivers, we need to understand what it is like to build a website from scratch – without the help of a CMS.

As a start, you would need to write HTML code to add text, images, navigation bars, and other functionalities to your website. Next, you must use CSS to style these building blocks according to your company branding guidelines.

Finally, you write JavaScript to add functionality to the website and upload this HTML file to your server to file in your database.

For every change you want to make, you need to retrieve the file from the server, manually change the HTML code, and ensure that all links still work before uploading the file.

This doesn't sound very easy, more so if you do not have the coding skills, time, or developer resources. The good news is that, with a CMS, you do not need any of these.

How a CMS empowers you as a marketer

A CMS consists of a content management application (CMA) and content delivery application (CDA) that handle all the backend code, database queries, and infrastructure. To publish the content, you push a button instead of manually uploading a page to your server.

You only focus on the frontend of your site and will be able to update information with relative ease. You will be able to download and purchase templates and extensions rather than having to write code to customize the design and functionality of your site.

This way, you can control your content by updating, changing, or deleting images, text, video, or audio to keep your site relevant and organized. This will, in turn, allow you to maintain your brand identity, deliver a consistent message to current and prospective customers and make those search engines work for you.

There are several ways a CMS will enable and improve your building and creation process, team productivity, and online brand visibility.

  • With a CMS, you can schedule content, create blog posts, and optimize content while sharing it on social media to drive traffic to your site.
  • A CMS’s workflow functionality allows for easier collaboration, multiple people working simultaneously, and automated feedback and approvals. Gate checks ensure that delivery is organized and managed to save time and keep you in control.
  • Some CMSs can integrate with other systems, such as your sales tooling or CRM. It also offers security features and roles with their allocated permissions.
  • A CMS contains a content library for storing content and a digital asset management (DAM) system that acts as a repository for the most valued digital assets. A DAM organizes, governs, connects, shares, and builds content.

Do you want to explore how a CMS can streamline almost all your daily demands so you can focus on growing the business instead of worrying about website coding and uploading?

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