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How a headless CMS can help accelerate your SEO strategy

Headless CMS

This blog explores the benefits of using a headless CMS to optimize your SEO results and the features you should look for in selecting your headless CMS to ensure a strong SEO focus.

A lot of marketers are struggling with their legacy content management system as they are trying to keep up with evolving digital needs. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques have evolved rapidly, and these days it takes more than just producing website pages filled with relevant keywords to be at the top of the search engine results pages.
You now have to focus on the elements looked for by search engine algorithms, such as the context of keywords, quality of the overall content, content age, page load times, page performance, content across different experiences, and the user-friendliness of the page. The only type of CMS on the market that empowers businesses to create large-scale, high-quality content experiences that perform flawlessly, no matter whether the channel is headless CMS.

How a headless CMS enables SEO

For strong SEO results you have to focus on proper keywords, quality content, placement, interlinked content pieces, domain authority, social sharing, and backlinks from reputable sources. The demands and quality standards are increasing daily and without the assistance of a CMS it could be difficult to keep up.

A headless CMS enables you to navigate SEO requirements in many ways.

It empowers teams to configure metadata, structure and optimize content, and gives them control over breadcrumbs, custom taxonomies, caching, and security. With your knowledge of SEO best practices, you will have granular control over what content goes where.

You can achieve more robust SEO readiness based on performance, content, and optimization for multiple devices with a headless CMS. It enables content to be found, optimized, and repeatedly delivered to each new search-engine-optimized content experience using application programming interface (API) technology.

It allows you control of your entire content lifecycle as it integrates and connects with any MarTech stack and your favorite tools for marketing automation, CRM, CDP, analytics, performance marketing, A/B testing, and personalization.

We know that not all headless CMS can deliver the same results, and there are some features that you should look out for to select the option to boost your SEO results best.

The 8 SEO optimizing features to look for in a headless CMS

When you are looking for a CMS that enables effective SEO strategy delivery, there are vital features to look out for. 

  1. Wide-spread API connectivity - Use the API to enable communication between computer programs across channels and maintain the flexibility and integration that power SEO.
  2. Access to metadata - Tailor elements, such as page titles, descriptions, and content module descriptions. 
  3. Built-in features for marketing professionals - Like rules and permissions that protect the content quality, drag-and-drop content modules, text editing and previewing screens, commenting, one-click publishing, and versioning and audit logs.
  4. Fields for simple content modeling - So you can define how the flexible content modules should be organized and delivered within the CMS.
  5. Customizable URLs - So you can adjust the URL and use keywords for which you want to rank.
  6. Canonical tagging - Allows your developers to edit HTML in the header tag of your website.
  7. Content Delivery Network (CDN)  - Use of a CDN to enable the fastest possible content delivery and optimal website loading speed and performance.
  8. Easy-to-edit markup functions - To give your content a better heading structure and optimize the page crawling for search engines. 

Final thought

A headless CMS allows complete flexibility to developers, content creators, and editors to ensure the best structures for content creation, distribution, and SEO.

It improves performance metrics for SEO across all areas without the frontend layer and mandatory tech stack of a traditional CMS that limits the processes, performance, and capabilities of your teams. Do you want to see firsthand how a headless CMS optimizes SEO with ease? Prepr can assist. Book a demo today to experience for yourself the built-in personalization engine and optimization features of the future-proof Prepr headless CMS.