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Using a headless CMS for your landing pages

Headless CMS

Optimize your landing pages with a headless CMS. Discover how to use AB tests and personalization straight from your CMS to test, analyze and optimize.

Landing pages are a pivotal part of any online marketing strategy. They are the core of any lead generation campaign and marketers spend a lot of time and effort on optimizing these pages. Many marketers have discovered that using a suitable CMS allows you to make edits and analyze landing pages easily. These capabilities are essential if you, as a marketer, want to run a successful campaign. This blog will explore the importance of CMS landing pages for marketers and why a CMS, particularly a headless CMS, enables you to increase your customer conversion rates.

Why landing pages are essential to marketers

Web pages are designed with many goals in mind and aim to encourage exploration. On the one hand, website pages show the brand and provide information about the range and company.

On the other hand, landing pages focus on increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and lowering the cost of getting a sale. A dedicated landing page is a destination after prospects at the top of the funnel clicks a link embedded in the content. It uses a call to action to entice prospects to take the next step and make a purchase, signup, or register.

The landing page has a single focus, and with eye-catching content promoting a single offer, it drives to turn the visitor attracted to the brand into a customer.

Three reasons to publish your landing pages via a CMS

There are several digital marketing benefits you can derive from publishing your landing page via your CMS. It may require a little extra effort, but it could be worth it. Here is why:

  1. Analyzing user behavior and generating optimization ideas – data collected from your landing pages by your CMS enable you to analyze how users interact with your landing page in the context of your website. This gives you ideas for things to A/B test to optimize the customer journey.
  2. Drawing qualified traffic from your website - you can lead interested customers from your website pages to your landing page to generate qualified traffic. If you combine analytics software in your CMS, you can determine which pages provide the best prospects.
  3. Reinforcing brand identity - using your CMS makes it much easier to keep your brand consistent across things like your logo, tagline, and web address. Publishing your landing page through a custom domain since the web address will differ. Consistent and frequent emotional branding builds higher brand equity. 

The benefits of a headless CMS for creating landing pages

A headless CMS includes all the advantages of a traditional CMS, with the added feature of making landing pages available through APIs. This means that you publish content to any platform or device.
You can choose between fetching data and ready-made HTML fragments in your platform, making generating and reusing content easy.

There are many benefits to using a headless CMS for creating your landing pages, such as:

  • Create and publish engaging landing pages without a developer to drive your customers toward a conversion.
  • Easily assemble and edit landing pages with rich media assets such as video, audio, and social media posts with content models and predefined components.
  • Optimize and personalize pages with results comparisons in one solution.
  • Identify what content works best with A/B testing to improve engagement and conversions continuously.
  • Create enriched variants and test all kinds of content, including headers, call-to-actions, and banners, easily and without needing a developer.
  • Run A/B testing experiments and track engagement and conversions to see how unique users react to different versions of your content.
  • Automatically measure results to determine the best performing variant.

Being able to make instant changes on your landing pages puts the marketer in control to tweak and refresh content. This way, you can test what works to drive conversion rates.
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