A headless CMS that combines content and data

Prepr is not your average headless CMS. Powered by graph database technology, we allow you to maximize the impact of your content through captured event data. Our data-driven CMS is API-first, enabling developers and content editors to easily connect and manage content in one seamless solution. Awesome, right?

A headless CMS with personalization


GraphQL API & RESTful

Connect your front-end application with our comprehensive GraphQL API. Use the RESTful API to import content and automate processes.


CDN Delivery

Served fast from global data centers

A globally distributed content delivery network (CDN) serves your content and your assets. The edge server closest to the visitor delivers all content, which ensures quick load times and especially benefits mobile apps. And the built-in cache invalidation ensures your content is always up-to-date.


Data capturing

Collect visitor data easily with the Tracking Pixel

To quickly start collecting visitor event data, you can set up the Prepr Tracking Pixel in minutes. Then, use this data to serve the most popular content, personalize the customer experience, and run A/B tests.


Graph database

Built on Graph technology

Unlike traditional headless CMSs, we build Prepr on native Graph technology. Prepr stores content and data in nodes that have direct pointers to all connected nodes. Because the information is stored natively in Graph, it performs queries with complex relations extremely fast and with more depth than any CMS based on a relational database.


Jamstack CMS

Jamstack ready

Prepr is perfect for modern Jamstack applications built with Javascript frameworks, APIs, and Markup. Prepr easily integrates with all front-end frameworks so that you can choose the best fit for your project.


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