A/B Testing

From content to conversion: A/B testing simplified

Quickly evaluate different content variants to understand what truly appeals to your visitors.
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Create AB-tests where you manage your content - easy peasy

Conduct A/B tests right where you manage your content.It's user-friendly for both editors and marketers, removing the hassle of using additional systems and allowing for rapid, effective experimentation.

Edge-based testing

Edge experimentation: Zero flicker, full speed

Use edge-based A/B testing to drastically cut down on latency for quicker site responses. Plus say goodbye to the dreaded flickering effect of client-side A/B testing.
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Measure what matters: Link Prepr with any analytics platform

Easily analyze results in the analytics platform you already trust. Gain detailed insights to accurately determine the impact on user experience, guiding your optimization efforts.

When we were re-building the Leading Courses platform we were in search of a CMS to support our wish for a flexible infrastructure and a more personalized customer experience. Prepr offered the perfect solution with their data-driven headless CMS.

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Ruben van der Zaag
Head of Content at Leading Courses
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