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Social Brothers

Social Brothers is a digital agency and a long time partner from Prepr. Their experience in strategy, digital marketing, design & development has been growing since 2011. With their passion for digital it doesn’t matter if the project is big or small, they’re always up for a challenge.
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Success stories they worked on


a.s.r. Vitality app

The a.s.r Vitality App is designed to track your movement based on steps, heart rate, cycling distance, and sports activities. With a clear overview, you can see which activity trackers and apps measure steps, heart rate, or both, allowing you to earn Vitality Points.



Mensely guides around 140 organizations and 650,000 employees in achieving self-management in health management. With a team of approximately 100 professionals located throughout the Netherlands.


Landelijke Cliëntenraad

De Landelijke Cliëntenraad works towards ensuring social security for everyone. Representing individuals receiving government benefits, pensions, or financial support, the LCR brings together national organizations of individuals with such benefits or pensions.

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