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Video & Media

Engage with your audience on a higher level

Enrich your website by using the new built-in Prepr Live Stream or add video and other rich media assets to your content pages. Engage with your customers visually on the highest level and personalize served content to get even higher conversion rates.

Video & Media

Bring your platform to life with MUX

The MUX video integration with Prepr enables you to create the best possible customer experience. Anywhere, anytime and at scale. Upload your video assets in the Media Library or even start a live stream to really connect with your audience. You won’t need any additional streaming software! Find out how to set up your own live stream.

Upload and manage videos fast, easy & securely

Besides live streaming, you quickly upload, encode, manage and publish video to your content pages. Distribute your videos to all platforms and devices and rely on fast delivery with our global CDN.

Enrich your content from any source for maximum flexibility

Use our Dynamic Content Editor to enhance your content pages with other forms of rich media besides videos and live streams, such as images, audio files, and social media videos.

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