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Data management

Improve experiences with customer data

Utilize data-driven content management practices such as optimization and personalization to create excellent customer experiences and improve your overall performance with Prepr.

Data management

Capture data to build customer profiles

Capture relevant customer data such as geographics, demographics, and psychographics to learn more about your audience, including anonymous and registered visitors. Building customer profiles has never been easier.

Seamlessly align the customer experience with visitor intent

Get to know your visitors and ultimately align the customer experience by zooming in on their intentions and desires. Analyze user-specific data such as individual behavior, best-performing categories and visited landing pages to improve your results.

Comply with GDPR guidelines

Store first-party data while complying with all privacy and security guidelines. Determine how long you want to retain your data and automatically delete it when your retention period expires.


Getting started with personalization

A step-by-step guide to boost conversion rates by 30% or more with adaptive content.

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