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Prepr electronic program guide (EPG) Electronic program guide (EPG)
Station management

Manage one station, two stations or a whole group

With Prepr you manage radio stations easily. With one centralized electronic program guide (EPG), format clocks and station memo's.

Programs & presenters

Manage program and presenter information in one location and use everywhere. On your website, in your app and everywhere else.

Electronic program guide

Manage your base schedule and changes in one place and automatically update your website, app and in studio screens. Assign presenters, show producers, technicians and studios to programs. Distribute station memo's and make sure they are read and used at the right time.

Format clocks

Manage format clocks easily. Add template texts for items that come back every day or week and just fill in the blanks. Include notes for producers and presenteres to ensure proper dlivery.

Station memos

Distribute station memos and make sure everybody knows exactly what is expected. Memos show up at exactly the right time for your on-air staff. No more forgotten sponsor mentions!

Show preparation

Prepare radio shows like never before

Prepare your show the smart way. With real time collaboration in the master timeline of the program. Prepare guests and interviews. Monitor news feeds, include listener reactions and check artist info inline. Show prep on steroids!

Master timeline

Collaborate in real time to compile the master timeline of the show. Not only prepare engaging items but also schedule website and social media updates with just a few clicks. Everything in one place.

Artis and track info Audio preview, artist biography, news and social media updates with just one click
Invite guests

Prepr includes a contact list for easy reference. Attach guests to items to have all the info when you need it fast. See when the guest is invited in other programs to avoid duplicate invitations.

Instant artist updates

Every track includes information of all the artists that collaborated on the track. Listen to the track for easy reference, check the latest news and social media posts.

Avoid duplicate bits

See previous artist mentions with just one click so you can make sure a bit is not used before.

Prepr timeline
Live assist

Deliver great shows consistently

Have one screen with all the information you need to deliver excellent radio shows. All music and items in a clutter free timeline. Real time weather and traffic updates. And listener reactions from all sources.

Clutter free timeline

The master timeline of your show is all you need to present with ease. No distractions and everything up-to-date for everyone.

Real time collaboration

Everything you do in Prepr is updated in real time. Last minute changes are reflected immidiately on all screens so you never miss a thing.

One place for all listener comments

No more searching in chaotic email inboxes and crappy systems. Have all listener comments in one easy to use overview. Drag and drop multiple comments to the master timeline and use them on air.

Start polls easily on air, in the app and on your website

Increase listener involvement with Prepr polls. Prepare polls for news issues, human interest topics or music questions ("Hot or not?").

Publish instantly on air, in your app, and on your site. Collect votes via any channel: in-app, on the website, via text messages or social media. And watch cross-channel results in real time in Prepr. Getting listeners engaged has never been easier.

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Poll examples

Manage prizes, schedule contests, record winners and fulfill easily

On-air contests are great for engaging listeners. But the correct administration of prizes and winners and rapid fulfillment is hard. Prepr Contests is a powerful solution to manage prizes and contests, record winners and fulfill reliably.

Prepr Contests - Contest management for radio stations
Manage prizes

With Prepr you record all prize information in one place. From giveaway texts for the DJ to stock levels, tax values, fulfillment deadlines and email texts for listener notifications.

Screen contestants

Details of earlier winners are available with just one click. Instantly see who has won earlier and whether the candidate performs well on-air or is better avoided or even blacklisted.

Record winners

Record contestant details easily with automatic address recognition and pre-filled fields when information is already available.

Send winner confirmation email

Select the right prizes (T-shirt sizes, etc.) and send a prompt confirmation email to the winner. The winner can check if all information is recorded correctly. This ensures even greater data accuracy.

Personalized winner page

Send a pesonalized email with a link to the video of the on-air moment of the winner so he or she can enjoy the moment once more.

Share on social media

Winners share their on-air moment easily on their favorite social media. Reaching a new audience with great impact.

Fulfill prizes

Monitor which prizes still need processing and if the fulfillment deadline is soon. Handle giveaways yourself in-house, or collaborate with a fulfillment partner. Export reports for partners or automate the process.

360-Degree listener profiles

Collect a comprehensive set of listener data to analyze engagement, discover unique insights, improve programming and activate listeners.

Tax and GDPR ready

Your listeners care about their privacy and so do we. Prepr is GDPR ready with special features to make sure you comply with privacy laws.

Multi-platform publishing

Publish audio and video clips instantly to website, app, social media, and smart speakers and save a lot of time

With Prepr you can publish to all platforms. Publish easily to your website, app, smart speakers, live blog, social wall, social media and on location screens.

Publish instant live clips to social media

Engaging listeners on your website, in your app and on social media is an important part of radio. Edit live video clips of your show and instantly publish updates to all online channels.

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News production

Deliver newscasts fast, accurate and for as many stations as you want

With Mediaconnect you can collaborate on newscasts. Work together to compile impactfull and engaging newscasts. For one station, or for lots of stations at the same time

News production in Prepr
Monitor news feeds and social media

Monitor news, social media, photo and video feeds automatically. All information right at your fingertips. Import news stories from press agencies and rss feeds. Follow celebrities and trending topics on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Write once, use anywhere

Write news stories in one centralized repository and drag and drop to compile bulletins for several stations with just one click. Add a personal touch to every station and deliver just in time.

Build for speed

Delivering news is hectic. Last minute changes are everyday's business. Prepr is build to perform in a fast paced environment. Collaborate in real time on news stories and drag and drop items to compile newscasts with just one click.

Bart Jan Cune - News Director Talpa Radio
“Prepr helps us deliver tailored newscasts quickly for all our stations.”
Bart Jan Cune
News Director Talpa Radio
Prepr real time metrics

Stats in Prepr showing real time ratings, time spend listening (TSL), volume changes, and hour by hour analysis.

Real-time metrics

Monitor real-time ratings and discover unique listener insights

Discover valuable listener insights. How well are you engaging your listeners every day? What is going well and what needs improvement?

Track all listener interactions

Record all listener interactions, analyze data with easy reports and discover valuable insights to improve your station. Track stream starts and stops, listener comments, contest data, poll votes and online interaction. Get new and unique insights in the performance of your station.

Monitor engagement

Engagement value is the total value of all interactions with your audience in a given period. Prepr automatically calculates engagement value. Analyze engagement value by comparing audience segments, stories, channels and other dimensions. Use this data to learn where engagement is good and where it can be improved.

Privacy & security

Serious about privacy and security

We’re committed to keeping your data secure, your private information private, and being transparent about our practices as a business.

GDPR ready

If you store data of European listeners, you need to be able to provide them with the ability to access, update, retrieve and remove personal data. No problem! You always have access to your data and your listener's data to comply with GDPR.

User permissions in Prepr User permissions
Secure data communication (SSL)

Whenever your data is in transit between you and us, everything is encrypted and sent using HTTPS.

Two-factor authentication

Set up two-factor authentication (2FA) using a mobile device and an authenticator app.

Auto account expiration

You can set user accounts to expire automatically to prevent accounts from being active after interns or employees have left.

User permissions

You can choose whether to give users access to all parts of the system, or just the features they need.

Two-factor authentication in Prepr Two-factor authentication
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Secure & private

GDPR ready, encrypted communication (SSL), and 2-factor authentication.

24/7 support

Radio is 24/7. So are we! Our friendly support staff is here when you need them.

API first

Access all information through our RestFull API. { “JSON”: “forever!” }

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