A headless CMS that combines the power of content and data

We are Prepr, the world’s first data-driven headless content management system. We combine a headless CMS with five additional tools to maximize the impact of your content.

A data-driven headless CMS

Key features

Dynamic Content Editing

Experience a next-level authoring experience with our in-built Dynamic Content Editor. Embed videos, social media posts, maps, assets, and more to create rich content items.


Localize your content into any language effortlessly. Assign local versions to different users with a dedicated workflow and scheduling for their location.

Search engine optimization

Improve your search engine rankings with the built-in SEO-checks that allow you to spot and fix SEO problems instantly.

Scheduling & previews

Preview content items instantly within Prepr or a staging environment, and schedule precisely when to publish and archive articles.

Images, audio & video

Manage all your images, videos, and audio files in one location. Rely on fast delivery with a dedicated asset-CDN, real-time transformations, ftp import, and optional video transcoding.

Workflows & collaboration

Assign content items to team members, work together smoothly, and manage content easily with agile workflows, Kanban boards, commenting, and notifications.


Keep track of all the changes in a content item, revert to a previous version when needed, and never lose a change thanks to revision history.

Integration fields

Feature items from an existing catalog or legacy system with the built-in integration fields. Prepr will even keep the data in sync automatically.

Multi-brand publishing

Manage and publish content for multiple brands in one location. Query content from a single brand or combine the data from all brands to maximize impact.

Custom roles & permissions

Set fine-grained custom roles and permissions for team members such as content writers, editors, SEO experts, and product managers.

Flexible content modeling

Use our flexible content model builder to structure your content exactly how you envision it. Whether it's landing pages or voice assistant commands, your options are endless.


Connect your frontend applications quickly with our GraphQL and REST APIs. All requests are delivered by a world-class CDN (Fastly)

Query & mutation API

Manage your environments programmatically with the Prepr Write API. Create new content items, update models, import data, and automate anything you need to.

Webhooks & SDKs

Trigger custom code using flexible & customizable webhooks. With handy webhook debugging tools, custom headers, and advanced retry logic.

Global CDN

Deliver your content globally at speed with 41 edge POPs around the world that cache your query responses.

And Prepr includes five additional tools
to maximize the impact of your content

ab-testing-browsers Prepr Optimize

A/B-test your way into success

Optimize is one of Prepr’s five actionable tools. With a set of optimization features, you make sure your content is optimized for search engines, allowing you to rank higher. By A/B-testing your content frequently, you increase CTR and time spent. Zoom in on retrieved metrics and learn what content works best – or improve content that needs tweaking.

  • A/B-testing engine

  • Test headlines, images and content length

  • Insightful optimization metrics

Prepr Optimize

cursor-double-click-3 Prepr Capture

Get ready to collect some data

Prepr is powered by graph database technology, meaning you can capture events, and store and process big data. With this, we enable you to personalize content for your audience. Of course, we make sure everything is aligned with GDPR regulations.

  • Event data storage

  • Smart segmentation tool

  • One-click data retrieval and deletion, GDPR compliant

Prepr Capture

alarm-bell Prepr Notify

It's time to get personal

Looking to maximize your impact? Time spent with your content and user retention is crucial here. For this, Prepr contains an actionable notification tool, allowing you to segment your audience and send smart, personalized notifications. Track your results to learn what content captivates your audience and make them come back for more.

  • Notification tool

  • Notification metrics

  • Smart segment builder

Prepr Notify

common-file-give-hand Prepr Recommend

Recommend great content to increase engagement

The right content suggestions at the right moment inspire your audience to view more. Increase CTR, views and time spent with Prepr Recommend: a recommendation engine that allows you to boost engagement.

  • AI-powered recommendation engine

  • Six essential algorithms to power personalized recommendations

  • Insightful metrics tool to analyze results

Prepr Recommend

graph-stats-ascend Prepr Analyze

Zoom in on results and improve if needed

To truly maximize the impact of your content, you need to take a close look at your results. Prepr offers an actionable analytics tool to really zoom in on audience behavior. Uncover what content works and under which circumstances. From here on, you improve your content continuously. Full-cycle content management at its finest.

  • Reporting tool to share and monitor the impact of your content

  • Advanced measuring tool to capture interaction metrics in one location

  • Insightful metrics tool that shows engagement scores and corresponding metrics

Prepr Analyze

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